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Juvet Landscape Hotel is a design hotel surrounded by nature!

Do you like the nature but are you don’t like camp? Then you really need a time in the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway! Modern architecture combined with the natural beauty of Norway that delivers truly spectacular images. Maybe you recognize the hotel or of the film Ex Machina. You don’t have separate rooms in this hotel, but all individual cottages all over the grounds. Each “room” has two walls made entirely of glass, so you can enjoy the beautiful view. The rooms are luxuriously appointed, but it’s really the view of what it’m doing! And that with a price tag of €185 a night juvet-1-970x647-c juvet-3-970x647-c juvet-5-970x647-c juvet-6-970x647-c juvet-8-970x647-c juvet-9-970x647-c juvet-10-970x647-c Juvet-Landscape-Hotel-4 2c51aa-b834-44fc-a845-3a76ed8f56f8-hotel 6AD5E57328A44849838D6D0BA67B0354.jpg 676C46D0423D468D906A55F5CFEE0852.jpg doc_126_1.jpg download juvet-5 tumblr_mrlpw63xl41r5nhm8o4_1280