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Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Then drop your motivation and niche you like to write about at

“Get Addicted to the lifestyle we share” is the youngest and the fastest growing online men magazine at the moment, and you can be a part of it!

Do you like to work on your future and work on your own passive income without any limitations? This is your change!

What does it bring?

Meanwhile your inspiring journey you will learn a LOT about;
Personal development, training and fitness, dating and relationships and many more so read further!

You’ll discover the beauty of our world more than you’ve ever imagined.

We enjoying and learning life the fullest. simply cause we know more than the average man.

You will be trained to be a real man, get the strings back in your hands again, be one step ahead psychologically, you will be ready to conquer the world!

May it be your pleasure to share your inventions with us and thousands of our daily follower, let it be your passion and make money with it!

So that means you are ready to conquer the world? ready for some extra money? Cool! We will set-up your own banner-space immediately!

What do you get more?

All your author related articles will direct generate money after your first article is posted and read.

We will learn you everything about; (if you want)

-Blogging and basis practical website development.
-SEM (Search Engine Marketing) how to engage traffic and earn money for it. No secrets, all our experiences and tricks are yours to!
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) how to engage traffic with google, we have a lot of articles and keywords on the first page with google!
-Social Media, we owning a lot of more and bigger niche profiles than those from Get Addicted.
-Entrepreneurship, based on a lot of books by successful millionaires.

So writing on a men magazine what does it mean?

A single life for all our redactors? Isn’t it weird building articles about sex and post content about sexy babes?

“Hugh Hefner is the most appreciated entrepreneur in our world and I think you can do it better than him!”

Ok his brand-success and luck can’t be beaten but you’ll be a better writer, it’s all getting more personal in 2016, people want you, your story, your experiences, not a factory-business with fake tits blondes.

First need some little more information about you to get started!

1. How much word-press experience do you have? It’s no problem if you haven’t any experience with it, we will explain everything step by step through useful and easy tutorial videos.

2. Which categories do like to write about? No worries, a news paper still has the most readers and more than … articles a day, the more the better, you can write about all subjects we’re working with.

3. What is the auteur name you like to have? Fiction won’t be a problem but keep it serious please;)

4. How many girls do you slept with? Do you have an relationship and what is your longest relationship?

5. Where are you standing and where do you want to go? Goals? Visions? Nest phase and goal in our lives is to travel the world more, Get Addicted to the lifestyle we share through videos like Jay Alvarrez and Alexander Tikhomirov making.

Cool, you’re still reading, that’s really appreciated but now it’s time for some real writing!

Drop the information we need and your address (if you like to have some Get Addicted stickers) quick at:
For smaller questions you can write us on Whatsapp: 0041-78-730-30-82

Some excitement is needed in life but we’ll get back on you very quick;) Have a GOOD day!

Get addicted

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