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Is sex ouside your bedroom a must
Is sex ouside your bedroom a must

Is sex outside your bedroom a must?

Is sex ouside your bed a must
Is sex ouside your bed a must

Some guys or girls are just the bedroom types, but some (wo)men try to scratch off all the strange places on the bucket list. Now it may be true that you’d like that bedroom once, but you do not know where. Also your partner plays a great role in this story of course,.

Is sex outside your bedroom a must?


Is Sex Outside your bedroom a must?


Everyone fantasizes about locations like an airplane sometimes. You’re shooting high, but there are plenty of places that are easy to realize. Think of the car, the bathroom, the kitchen or maybe you want to go to the beach at, bare bottom. The most fun is when it’s a suprise or happens spontaneously.

Why would you love to have sex outside of the bed? The answer is simple: the adrenaline. The thoughts that you are doing something you really should not do, and also the risk that you will get caught add some fun to it.

Better die trying than bother lying, have fun!!

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