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Young couple using smart phones in bed --- Image by © Steve Sparrow/cultura/Corbis
Young couple using smart phones in bed --- Image by © Steve Sparrow/cultura/Corbis

How to ‘sexts’?

Young couple using smart phones in bed --- Image by © Steve Sparrow/cultura/Corbis

We get more visually oriented by what we all get presented by cams & camera’s. In addition, it’s becoming easier to find joy in the World Wide Web. So we all know and saw the spicy selfies on Get Addicted or anywhere else. Yes you know what i mean, nowadays we cal it ‘Sexts’ (Sex&Text)

But how do you do that? We recommend you to start with an ambiguous joke and expand from there. If you like to know more keep reading.

Write your own script
Like the rule the game? Ask pictures of your partner first, pr ask her specific photo’s, but – and this is important – be prepared to do the same, otherwise, the party is over soon.

Webcasting can also be exciting. Actually it’s a peep show, especially for our wireless generation. They are probably less afraid when they are not sitting ‘directly’ in front of you but safely behind the webcam.

Enjoy the show
Use the evenings and weekends for the late video calls, especially when you have a Friend with benefits. You not have to stay at home for but you also can enjoy a small video show with FaceTime. Don’t forget to park your car;) Suddenly Facebook gets a whole different meaning, not bad right?

Be discreet
Of course it’s fun to get as much naked shots, but that doesn’t mean the world has to look on what your partner has to offer. Fortunately there are more programs with privacy-resistant where it’s no longer possible to take screenshots. (with Facetime you can, you’ve been warned).

When your partner is afraid that the videos will be found on the worldwide web you can assure her that you won’t make screenshots. When you send photos you also can do this with Snap Chat. Snap Chat destroyed the material after a few seconds. You can take screenshots of it, but the sender notifies that you’re doing this.

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