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How the rich reached the top and also staying there

How the rich people reaches the top and staying there

How the rich reached the top and also staying there

If you don;t have what you want or if you;re not successful in what you do, you’re simply not know enough about it

I let me inspire by the super-rich and most of all the selfmade millionaires, I’ve been on entrepreneur meetings, and saw a lot of documentary’s and online-conferences. It was all about building businesses and succeed in life. It’s not because of that I really want to be a millionaire or rich at all, that’s not important for me. If you choose to be an auto mechanic you have to learn your job before you get payed for it right? So I’ve always find a lot joy in building things and seeing results, it doesn’t matter of it’s about my bed skills, fitness, or building a social media page, I just wanted to be better and learn more about it. So with my sales back-ground, energy and passion to work for the results it was important for me to learn about entrepreneurship.

Why am I grinding and working harder on things than other people do or can do? Maybe I’ve got the reason that weight in to it, its not where all the people believe in but in my experience I can almost proof that a part of our character is definable undoubted by our horoscope. For example; I’m an Aries and have luckily met a lot of other Arieses cause it confirmed the specific character I have. So what I saw and what surprised me is that we, Arieses having energy for 3. Let me explain it on the easy way; we’re bustling like we took an invisible pill or XTC that won’t let us stop! So maybe your character or genetic will helps a lot in achieving things but that’s just the small part of succeed in life.

It’s not only about character, energy or motivation.
In 2015 it’s quite difficult to bring something new, beat your competition or get new customers or followers. The population is growing enormously and we’re sharing this world with more than 7 billion other people, so that suggest that there are more luck-searchers or grinding entrepreneurs than ever before. So in that case the most things are discovered or it’s demands a lot of discipline or innovation to beat up the competition. But on the flip side of it all, it gives us more possibilities to learn from each-other and I can’t forget the Internet if we talk about possibilities and learning.

Learning is the highest priority of succeed and being the expert of your niche

So lets pick it up with ‘learning and the internet’ if we want to stay on topic. I like to summarize, share facts and experiences that I’ve learned in the last years, so you wont have to discover it for yourself. The last paragraph I wrote are about my experiences but if we define it, it may be an fact. If we look at the facts there are a lot of selfmade millionaires. Actually it’s unbelievable that these numbers increased enormously! So a higher population and the internet can be a provide for all of us. Once written in a book of Hyves by co-founder Raymond Spanjars; “Learn from others’ mistakes to avoid making them yourself”

So if you;re looking for new opportunity’s or want to bring something new, GOOGLE IT! You can suck all the experiences or failures in your working brain and decide after it of it’s a good idea or not, if you decide to do it and set it up, GOOGLE IT and you;ll find out what doesn’t work and what does work in that section!

If we come back on learning and the internet again we’ll keep the learning away, you’re probably convinced:) So anyway, it’s somewhat paradoxical if we talk about the difficulty of entrepreneurship anno 2015 and looking at the self-made millionaires statistics. Maybe I was talking about ‘Reinventing the wheel’ sorry for taking away your hope but I’ll explain the contrary below here.

The rising numbers of self-made millionaires are coming from the possibilities online aka the Internet. Dozens of popular social media platform, thousand of membership-dating-sites, millions of web shops and billions of ‘just websites’with traffic which working with advertising. If you learn enough about it and stop watching television set it up and don’t give up, you also have the possibility to succeed in your own limitations. I think everyone can be successful, you just have to find your way to it and do the right things!

If you’re interested in making easy money online for the things you already did:

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Let me resume it with some extra tips how the rich are made it to the top and also staying there

They keep themselves calm
In the bestseller Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill studied the habits of more than 500 wealthy people. He taught that people who exaggerate or their slipper shoot a worse impression. Hill wrote in another essay: “Remember That silence May be much more effective than your angry words.

They maintain their daily to do lists
When Tom Corley studied the habits of super-rich, he found that a whopping 81% of respondents wealthy working with a to-do list. In contrast among the poorer population it was just 19%.

They read the Financial Times
The most rich have a subscription to the Financial Times. According to statistics from the newspaper, the average subscriber has an income of $250,000 and a whopping 13% of the readers are millionaire.

They don’t watch TV
The wealthy elite is very efficient in time management. Only 23% of the rich would spend more than one hour per day watching television. Among the poor it’s 77%. This gives rich more time to do useful things and broaden their horizons.

They working on their network
Just like the youth the rich people tend to hang out with each other. They also spend time and effort to broaden their social circles, whether this is through business channels, LinkedIn or jet-set parties.

They follow healthy diets
A brain that’s powered by hamburgers and Coca-Cola will not think about right about earning millions. Currently the diets of the wealthy seems to be getting better, while the poor people getting unhealthier foods.

They learn and train themselves
Whether it’s through audio books, TED talks or evening classes, the rich nailing themselves constantly on. Wealthy people absorb more knowledge.

They invest and take risks
Well, this issue speaks a little bit more, because if you’re rich, after all, you spend more money. However, it appears that the rich invest proportionately more money in pensions and insurance.

They hardly gamble
Actually the rich are taking no risk on gambling. Sure, running your own business is a gamble, but when it comes to casinos and lotteries the wealthy less tempted.

They get up early
‘Take 100 millionaires from across the world, and I’ll bet you not one of them sleeps in. “Many rich are already hard at work between 6:00 and 7:00 o’clock. Many millionaires using this time to exercise for an hour, so they can bend over their affairs fitly.

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