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How pessimism helps to be happy and successful

Many of us are quite optimistic, right? We are keen to find the positive in some rather unpleasant situations. However, optimism and positivity are not only the result of ignoring problems and living in a bubble. We can be positive by a negative visualization of the world. It sounds strange, but pessimism can help keep your head calm.

These negative thoughts make you more appreciation in your personal life and successful in your professional goals.

The hedonistic glasses

Negative visualization is the representation of your life without the conveniences that you currently have. The easiest way to pursue happiness is to want things we already have. We should not take for granted things. Once we are accustomed to our surroundings, we lose appreciation and love for everyday marvels. Try hedonistic glasses once again drop by your example to imagine what your life would be without a job. Or without a sibling. Rate this stuff more at the thought that this would never have in your life? Sounds depressing, isn`t it? Actually, we should be aware that this kind of unpleasant events can happen and we should not fear it to be.

How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted 2

Practice makes willpower

Meditate on these things is an intellectual exercise and it is possible to do these exercises without affecting our emotions. Try it today or tomorrow. For example, try it during breakfast, on the way to the gym and to work even to imagine what your life would be like this everyday routines were not there.

Of course it is not doing to ponder over every action. Choose several times a day, try it, and if moments are special, choose a new one.

How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted

By confronting ourselves with fears, we see how we can survive this. Think about the first time you fell in love and the first time that boulder was kicked hard in the heart. Part of the pain during a break-up is that we think will never get over. But as anyone will tell you to go, and you might know yourself by now: you’ll live and creates more resilience. And the development of resistance or determination, in front of you concerns is the purpose of the above exercise.

Flame over thresholds

Above how negative thoughts can bring you more on a personal level. But as previously appointed this exercise can also be used professionally.

It starts with the idea to write a project factors at the start that may impede the successful outcome of the project. What will stop you to achieve certain targets? Write down all the possibilities, yes all. With these possibilities in mind, you can target structures and for these negative influences around plans. Of course you hope it does not happen, but well, you’re prepared.

How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted 1

Note it takes some time and thoughts, but the results may also yield a lot. This means that you can sit quietly on a project that you have covered all possible setbacks. And tranquility in the head has actually only advantages.

We need to be comfortable with negative visualization. Personally helps with appreciation. Professionally with overcoming barriers.

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