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How much running ‘to stay healthy’

Who wants to keep it will have to move and prefer a little sports. You might ask yourself, “But how and how much?” Scientists have been researching for that question and came with a surprising conclusion.


The study showed off that running 8 kilometer a week is enough to benefit your health. Even with a bleach such a short distance runners have a lower blood pressure, better cholesterol levels and also lower risk on diabetes, stroke and certain cancers.

“It seems that the biggest health benefits of running already can occur at very short distances.” – Dr. Carl J. Lavie, Cardiologist

So you don;t have to wander our run hours in the park to get the benefits. On the contrary: 1 or 2 times running 5 to 10 km is enough for your body according to Lavie.


However, if you have ambitions to be better or faster, you will need something more than this in order to improve your oxygen uptake. A heart rate monitor can help here, so you know exactly what heart rate zone you are currently training.

Furthermore, it’s not always better.

Finally, there are also health limits to the top of the spectrum. More than 1 hour running a day gives you just more risk of heart problems, injuries and other nasty health problems.

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