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How many sex is to many

How many sex is to many?

Many or more is not always better – even when it comes to sex. Indeed, by often, it will be less fun. And that’s not the intention right?

According to the research from the Carnegie Mellon University; couples who had sex at least once a month, but had not more than three times a week sex, divided into two groups. Some couples were instructed to double the times they’d sex normally, others did what they were used to do.

After three months, it was found that the sets that were had more frequently experienced more pleasure before the beginning of the study.

The reason is quite simple: Because they had to keep track of how often they had sex, it was less enjoyable.

Maybe you do not achieve weekly quota, including the investigation. But chances are that you ever thought that you often had to dive between the sheets, to make your sex life more exciting.

It’s more fun and healthy if you and your partner have sex often because you both want it. But it should not matter that you’re doing it less often as your best buddy and his girlfriend.

To blow new life in your sex life you have to focus on quality. Not quantity. The key to unforgettable sex is the commitment that you have.

“Be open to each other,” says MH sexpert Debra Herbenick. “Treat your partner as a person, not as a porn star. Unless you both like that of course. ”

Enjoy each other’s presence before you get started. Create the mood with candles, go in bath or shower together or put on some sexy music, advises Herbenick.

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