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Here are her sex rules and thoughts

Tips for you to understand ‘the/her’ forplay

Occasionally you get between the sheets in a situation like you just don’t know what to do with her. Fortunately, we have a pile of tips for you to understand her better in the bedroom.

: You guys are kissing, but she doesn’t seem to get in the mood.
She thinks: Can it get some harder?

There is no excuse to let your hands hang at your sides unemployed. Care for her neck and move your hands up and down the sides of her upper body. It is not purely and simply that only the kiss is responsible for the pleasant tingling along its spine.

Situation: The first thing you do when your hand is between her legs, it find its way to her clitoris!
She thinks: Don’t forget the rest!

Her clitoris involves more than that one little visible button; The centimeter-long spurs of the intensely sensitive organ reach into her outer labia. Caress her outer labia from bottom to top. Caressing can gradually go into massage. They can also lovingly rolling or kneading gently between your fingers. Think of a soft, overripe peach where you want to squeeze a little juice. With a wet finger you can then start looking for the inner lips. Whether you rub gently with the palm of your hand on her pubic area. This whole area is true: every ridges and little valley where you slide your finger over it, it displays a different sensation. So take the time to explore:)

: You pulls her with passionate to you, hard.
She thinks: I’m not doing judo.

One time such a rough approximation is exactly what she wants, the other time she pushes you insulted on the side. It’s a matter of trying and watch the signals. Start to kiss and caress her quietly. After a minute you go a bit heavier and grab her buttocks firmly. When she press her lips hard on yours and puts her hands on your buttocks, you’re probably on the same wavelength.

Situation: Your caresses her body, but whenever you come near her crotch, she pushes your hand away.
She thinks: Do you have clean nails?

Unwashed hands are unhygienic and can cause her an infection. The care of your hands often says a lot about how the state of the rest of your body is. Keep your fingernails clean and short, because it easily collects dirt under the edges. Make sure you have no hooks on your nails; the sensitivity around the vagina is very high.

Situation: You don’t feel her clitoris anymore.
She thinks: You found it right before …

Not every woman’s clitoris is clearly visible or easy to find. Feel with your fingers on her inner lips, go from the bottom to the top. At the top where the lips come together, you feel a small… it feels slightly firmer than the surrounding area. All women are different down there, so do not be afraid that you come across as an inexperienced dork when asked what she likes. If you teases here while you don’t know where the clitoris is you will tap it occasionally to, you’ll notice her reaction soon enough.

Situation: You have two fingers in her vagina and try to get a little deeper, because they firmly believe that it’s even more delicious.
She thinks: I don’t feel much.

Stick to paddle! The inner part of the vagina has less nerve endings which you can stimulate. So do not bother to go as deep as possible. You can, with her approval, look for the g-spot. It feels like a ribbed piece at about five centimeters inside her vagina, on the side of her abdomen. Try gently rubbing the spot or apply a little pressure. Not all women like it to be touched there, and for some it has simply no effect. In that case you should shift your attention back to the entrance of the vagina.

Situation: You stimulate her clitoris endlessly, but she’s not getting a orgasm.
She thinks: Too bad.

The clitoris is a complex organ – it’s often sensitive in the beginning and can only indirectly touched or softly with some lubricant. It’s really important to start slowly, because if you’ve stimulated the clitoris for a while, it becomes less sensitive. If you’re too slowly, you notice that, she will put her hand over your hand to give some more pressure. It can also happen that you have start harshly, it decreases her rising orgasm. Then she probably will take your hand and you’d better concentrate on her breasts or mouth. After a while you can try it again down there.

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