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25 my date of birth, so here are 25 things that women want in bed!

Here are 25 things that women want in bed!

Women are (often) difficult (to understand). All the more reason to be grateful for the fact that they build their own lists, so we either to know what we have to do;)
1. Increase your chopper for each sexual encounter. No comment.

2. A man has to provide sheets that do not smell like fried foods and previous sexual adventures. We will more often bring our laundry to our mothers ladies.

3. The modern man always makes sure that a restaurant can be reserved as he wants sex after dinner.

4. The man gives compliments when the woman undresses.

5. The modern man makes sure the woman is being pampered first.

6. “The modern man does at least a few push-ups. He don’t need to be a bodybuilder, but strong shoulders are wanted.

7. Carry for a well-trimmed beard, they don’t have to smell your lunch with a kiss.

8. The modern man likes a good kiss party, don’t forget the neck, chest and ear lobes.

9. Even if you like the buttocks more, give enough attention to the breasts and vice versa.

10. Oral hygiene is important. The modern man has his mouth clean. Brushing, flossing, tongue scraping and gargle are a must. “The dentist says that brushing twice is enough.

11. The modern man will not rest until his wife had an orgasm. (Unless we are drunk.)

12. The modern man asks permission before he comes near anal regions.

13. If a woman insists that we must use a condom, the man will travel to the end of the earth to find one. Believe us, if we know that we at least have to get booty we have 24 in our pockets.

14. The modern man warns the woman when he nearly ejaculates. Nobody likes a surprise during the ‘job’. “But sometimes it’s kind of funny, right? Do you know Spiderman?

15. The modern man gives massages with the precision of a professional masseur.Can we also charge some money?

16. When the woman is open to some spontaneous action in public, the man is more than willing to accompany her to a discreet place.

17. The modern man who has some difficulty with performing, knows how to plan his masturbation sessions when the wing’s performance with her are not in the way. Timing is not our best feature, but try it.

18. The modern man eats relatively healthy.

19. Always have clean towels on hand. The modern man cleans up after a sperm blast.

20. The man might have been preferable, but he let her decide how she wears her pubic hair.

21. The modern man does everything to understand the female anatomy. He always knows how to find the clitoris.

22. The modern man is willing to watch pornographic material with the woman in question, even if it is The Notebook.

23. The modern man is willing to cuddle after sex.

24. The modern man has sex in the shower, but should understand the danger of it.

25. “The modern man looks at the partner during co-habit, but also knows that he shouldn’t do it if it makes it to intimate.

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