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Headhunterz Spring awakening 2015
Headhunterz Spring awakening 2015

Headhunterz @Spring Awakening 2015

That’s what happens when you invite a Dutch Man to your party, watch this video from 48 till the end!! The people are going crazy

This impression did a lot to me, a feeling I really never had. You stay who you are in life, I’ve been to Defqon.1 for six times now. Always been and I still am, a very hard worker. But I changed my life for a moment, set things to the side and I am working my ass off to be what I really want to be.

The connection in this article or liveset is; I found this video and thought “wtf is Headhunterz, one of my favorite hardstyle DJ’s doing on Spring Awakening, a house festival in Chicago”, I’ve looked very closely “is it him? Yes it is!!!” I like to listen a varied style of music, like rock, jazz, tropical house, piano hardstuff etc etc. But hardstyle is in my heart!

Because of the change and different type of music I was very interested in the role of headhunterz at this typical party! In the beginning he started to put some hardstyle in his mixes, damn I wanted more. I worked and I’m still working my ass off on 2 screens with the Dutch man (that explains everything) on my right side. I was impressed by his skills, material & genre but at his last minutes.. CHECK IT FROM 48 TILL THE END! With no joke I bursted out laughing with tears of joy rolling down… goosebumps. How the people react to it is even more amazing.

It’s 35+ degrees celcius outside and I’m still working my ass off to be what I want; Spring Awakening all around the world, meet some awesome and inspiring people and party with the hottest chicks like a badass MF.

But first you have to stay true to yourself and like Headhunterz knows, don’t fucking give up, innovate, learn and create!

I’ll be on every fucking festival you are dude, this was amazing!!!

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