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This is the hardest workout you ever going to do

100 repetitions. 10 minutes. One up-intensity workout. Ready?

There are workouts you can do the whole time. They make you fit. They make you sweat and give your energy level a boost. They test your mentally and physically condition, and they leave you gasping for more. This back squat or bench press challenge of 100 reps doing all of the above. It rejuvenates and shocking your system with the intensity increase as high as possible. Do this when you want to break your progression and you plateau.

It’s simple: you load a barbell position and do 100 reps of the squat or press in less than 10 minutes. You have to choose the right weight. If you use two plates, it’s just the warm up. Beginners go for 60 kilos. Once you have mastered these repetitions in less than ten minutes, load your 84 kilos on the rod. If you’ve mastered it, increase the load up to 102 kilos.

Some men will trying to erase their body weight. Don’t do that. It has a single sentence. But if you work towards these weights, you will soon see progress. In terms of strategy: aim at 10 repetitions per minute. Put a timer that goes off every 30 seconds. Every time you hear him, you do 5 reps. Do not go too fast. To enter you can do six repetitions every 25 seconds, until you get tired.

How fast you go, form is a priority. For the bench, go for a full lock top. Let the bar touch your chest when he is down, but do not let him bouncing on your torso. Keep your hips constantly on the bench.

For the squat, let your hips slightly below parallel move to the bottom of the exercise. When you push back up, stand fully erect, hips forward and buttocks taut. Fair warning that this is not intended to be easy. It must be terribly difficult, but that’s what makes for change and makes you better.

Good luck!

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