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Haird Trends Springs 2016 Featured

Hair trends Spring 2016

A short snappy haircut or just a shitload of hair with braids, everything is tolerable;) But which trends in hairstyles are like to seen in the spring of 2016? Spring is in the starting blocks, so we are allowed to look ahead to the some hair trends. In addition: well prepared is half the battle.

Keep it long

Yes, long hair is and remains a thing. Also in the spring of 2016. Buns are on their return but long hair itself is definitely a keeper. We see hairstyles worn neatly backwards but also casually to one side, is something many will see in the spring of 2016.




This spring we see military influences in the extremely short hairstyles for men. But instead of shave the whole head. the top of your hair is held just a little longer. This hairstyle is best for men with a clear jawline and prominent cheekbones. Big advantage is that this hairstyle is very easy to maintain. Why difficult as it…



What is possible with long hair and what is just a bit more difficult with short, is to follow the trend; braids. Shine braid;)



The casual cowlick

Men with guts let Mother Nature do her job this spring. Needless to show which side it stands out and keep the gel jar behind closed doors. Tasty loosely on top and just with your / her hands through the hair doesn’t have to be a problem.

Where a crest of at least 10 cm is a guideline, the sides may still be a little shorter, also in 2016. It is striking that the sides are always guarded. Not short in the sense of short crew cut, but just a centimeter. Of all though, the length difference remains.






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