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This guest is employed by GQ in London on a very ludic way

Employed by GQ in London?
It’s quite difficult to get a job when you are graduated at the first case. Saturated labor markets and lack of experience are often the cause. In this case Sumukh Mehta was looking for an internship and delivered a very creative CV. The man from Bangalore, India wanted nothing more than to to get started in British GQ Magazine.

The eighteen-page magazine is a resume made of dreams.

To get a foot in the door he made a complete edition of GQ.
Sumukh graced the cover itself and managed it to sell itself to editor in chief, Dylan Jones. Without any conversations he was accepted by GQ London. It took Sumukh three weeks to make his own ludic edition. But as we know: hard work pays of. Hopefully we will see a lot more of this magazine magician!

Check his work below here!










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