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Grooming tips from the barbers
Grooming tips from the barbers

Grooming tips from the barbers

Grooming tips from the barbers
Grooming tips from the barbers

There’s been a lot said about getting and keeping the right hairstyle. Tips here, to do’s there, sister wax, hairspray so. Great, but what find hairdressers itself important? These are the main ideas of fourteen different hairdressers in the US. You happy, they happy.

“Don’t try to look at someone who isn’t you! Adjust your style to trends is fine, but not everyone is like David Beckham or Brad Pitt. Therefore choose the style that suits you. “- Josh, Illinois

“Don’t try to wash your hair frequently. Do you wash it every day? Then start phasing wash your hair 1 time in 2 days. Does it feel good? Skip the another day. You’ll see that you’re going to look greater.’- Billy, Utah

“Always use a conditioner.” – Cecily, Minnesota

Grooming tips from the barbers

“Let your neck hair update every two weeks. It only takes a few minutes and your regular hairdresser will probably do it for free. An updated neck looks neat. “- Lauren, Texas

“Coconut oil on the beard keeps the skin healthy and soft whiskers.” – Bryan, Montana

“Find a celebrity who has the same face shape and hair line and get inspired by his haircut. Big chance that it fit you correctly. “- Derek, Texas

“Gray hair is better than no hair.” – Melissa, Wisconsin

Grooming tips from the barbers

“Take your time to find the best care products for your hair. Remember, buying cheap is expensive “- David, Ohio

“Use your hair dryer. Believe me, every hair product works a lot better after it. “- Christopher, Tennessee

“Don’t shower with hot water. It actually worsens everything. “- Mary Beth, Kentucky

Grooming tips from the barbers

“Do you use a cream or a paste product, care for dry hair. The product is absorbed much faster when it’s dry, so you can style it easier. “- Cortney, Indiana

“Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.” – Christina, Colorado

“Take pride in your appearance. Scars, thin hair or a beer belly; it doesn’t matter. It’s especially important to wear your style with confidence! “- Walt, Arkansas

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