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Because patience is the road to ‘Good Sex’

Because patience is the road to 'Good Sex'
Because patience is the road to ‘Good Sex’

You meet a sweetie in the club. Then is “I want to have a deep conversation about your personality” not the first thing you think abour right? Probably you think “OMG JUMMY” or “GOOD SEX NOW!” But in the meantime it will be wise to wait instead of popping on top of the same evening. Why? Keep reading:)

We know that sex is important. So often enough, you’ll just pick someone from the like jumping in your car for a ride. But it can also be good to wait until you’re really hungry, before you consume the whole sweetly fruit.

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Sex is sex. But bad sex is not the first thing you would ask the Santa. How do you have good sex? In any case you need a click. Maybe she looks fine, but without passion or a good connection the firework won’t go off. Just nice haircut is just not enough. So jumping in every car for the ride… you are going to meet a lot of bad sex.

Because patience is the road to 'Good Sex'

Trust is also quite important for good sex. And you don’t trust a stranger, your intuition can be good but anyway.. there are a lot of good actors around there. Building trust takes time until it feels really good. But when you guys have it, you can have an amazing firework show. So get the handcuffs & whips out of the closet!

Patience is the road to ‘Good Sex’
Now you meet that absurd attractive hottie, of course you are naturally curious. And if you find out that the person is interesting to, you don’t know where to find it. It’s a good thing of course but unfortunately, sex can also demolish it. It releases the tension, cause it will not be more intimate than sex:).

Because patience is the road to 'Good Sex'

By demolish the sheets the thoughts sneaks into the idea that it was all about the sex. One night-stands are usually not more than one-night stands. It can be fun but it’s quit a shame if the firework not went off. Being patience can make sex just a little bit more exciting.

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