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Get fitter in the mornings

Those who had to struggle with structural bad sleep, know how a lack of sharpness during the day can break you up. Even when you get enough sleep, it can happen that you just do not feel fit in the morning. Besides taking a strong cup of coffee, there are ways to tackle this. Here are our 2 best answeres on “how to get fitter in the mornings. ”



1. Set your alarm clock earlier

Do not stop right away: we know that this tip sounds contradictory. Still, it really can help when you set your alarm clock a half an hour earlier. Many people start their workday badly because they have to rush and stress to arrive on time. Not only that: they also didn’t had time to do the things that they actually should or want to do. Get out of bed half an hour earlier and take the time to take a shower, watch the news, read a newspaper and have a good breakfast.

If a half hour less sleep breaks you up, shift your focus to the morning and go to bed half an hour earlier.

2. A short workout every morning

By pulling up for five to ten minutes after getting up for a short workout you will start your day fitter. There are many people who enjoy running a big round early in the morning; If you do not have the time or do not want to free this time, spend a few minutes on for example sit-ups, push-ups and burpees.

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