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Yes look above this page, our logo and style changed from 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 till 2.0 now how we call it and see it, it’s our 5th website. The logo with my girlfriend (which looks like she took a selfie) is a meaningful authority for our men-base. Through these wax and changes there is one thing the same and will always be, our babes!! Our girls We always try to bring you the best of the best, and noticed after constantly exaltation of new followers that not only we can appreciate: The finest selection of our weekly babe dump series; sexy dump, booty yeah, boobies yeah, lucky with mirrors, random perfection and many more, and we of course I should mention that you can find the newest and sexiest photoshoots and Instagram models either. Get Addicted Yes, look above this page again:) Our logo / website-header is representation and much saying about our content. First of all, babes! But the camera itself, in my conception, stands for nostalgia, class, self-reflection and memorable living. Mostly the things we try to write about;) To quit briefly So now you know something more about us and what exactly brought the inspiration which end in my fetch over that babes with real camera’s are the hottest and Get Addicted Babes from know on to call the Get Addicted Babes! camera-1 camera-1 camera-2 camera-2 camera-3 camera-4 camera-5 camera-6 camera-7 camera-8 camera-9 camera-10 camera-11 camera-12 camera-13 camera-14 camera-15 camera-16 camera-17 camera-18 camera-19 camera-20 camera-21 camera-32 camera-22 camera-23 camera-24 camera-25 camera-26 camera-27 camera-28 camera-29   camera-31 df