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The Fourth Phase: adventure to beautiful landscapes

From the creators of “The Art of FLIGHT”, now comes “The Fourth Phase”. The legendary snowboarder Travis Rice takes you on an adventure to beautiful landscapes around the North Pacific where he discovers more than just the new winter wilderness. The highly anticipated film will premiere worldwide on October 2 at Red Bull TV. “The way our winters are has always intrigued me,” says Rice. “The filming of ‘The Fourth Phase’ brought an incredibly talented group of snowboarders together with the most dedicated production crew that exists. Together we have experienced many different faces of the North Pacific storm. This trip we were also on the principle that if you want to understand something and really want to understand, you have to surrender yourself completely to this. “ 4K Started in 2013 and shot entirely in 4K (Ultra HD), The Fourth Phase paves a path in fresh snow with a mix of action, story and cinematography. The result is a film for anyone who has a fascination for adventure, nature and life. “We take the viewer into the highs and lows of this trip,” said director Jon Klaczkiewicz. “The film does not only insane snowboard actions portrayed in the most remote corners of the world, also an emotional story being told.” Crew A crew with some of the most innovative riders in the world, including Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Mikkel Bang, Jeremy Jones, Victor de Le Rue and Ben Ferguson took part in this mission. Of land where never previously has been boarden, in Wyoming to the Japanese Alps, Russian volcanoes and the most remote places in Alaska. The team shall fully exposed by surrendering to nature. the-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapes-1the-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapesthe-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapes2the-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapes3


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