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Four tips to do this weekend; Work on your memorable year or perhaps life!

Ready to improve the quality of your life? Here are 4 tips in a row at a glance you can do this weekend, and you can have provide for the rest of the year (or perhaps, for your life).

1. Write down the things you are grateful for

Often we are in the hustle and bustle of everyday for things we don’t have. Retrieving the next customer, moving to a larger home, your next vacation, your next relationship, promotion.

Be a day thankful for everything that’s in your life. The people around you. The water from the tap. The brains that you can think of, the heart that you can feel. And above all: be thankful even for yourself. For all the choices you have made and have created.

If you write a grateful letter for yourself, what would it be in?

2. Create space

And we mean that literally. Throw shit off. See if it succeeds to make more space as much as possible in your home. Anything you have not used for a year, you won;’t need it anymore. Throw it away. Old maps, old books, old clothes. Donate it to others or sell it, just don’t keep it longer. You will notice how tidy you feel. Junk in your house wants to symbolize junk in our minds. Let’s start with the easiest reset …

3. Do something you’re proud of in ten years

Which decision can make you proud over ten years? You register by the Chamber of Commerce? Quit smoking? Your silent love to ask courtship? Booking a ticket to the other side of the world? Follow that program? Do it today! Probably the first idea that comes to mind immediately is most times the best idea. It is not for nothing ‘first’. Just do it!

4. Declare your love

Call someone today and tell how much you love that person. That he or she is important to you. Write a card, send an SMS, but make sure the other person knows it! Too often we assume that others understand it and therefore we don’t say it. Too bad! Therefore: report today with as many people you care about.

The nice thing is; if it does not work this weekend, it works as well on another day.

What is your main eye-opener in this blog? Let us know below! Thank you, Giordano.


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