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First time sex with her? Make it immense!

First time sex with her Make it immense

Even experienced men make rookie mistakes when they share a bed with another woman the first time. And believe us, she makes mental notes of it. “The first time sex gives her an idea of how generous you are, and whether you are willing to take care of her,” says sex therapist Sandor Gardos.

1. Take your time

The three dates rule is not reliable. “How to recognize the ‘sex on the first’ date woman” She’ll drop hints when she’s ready. You’ll get green light when you take them to an environment with complete privacy, says sex therapist Darcy Luadzers. Did they invited you for dinner and gave the hint that her roommate is away? Then go for it!

2. Kiss a lot

Many kisses indicates her that you’re not only out on sex, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Touch Me Here! Only one in seven women shows with you wanting to go to bed without a steamy kiss session, according to a survey of Evolutionary Psychology. Two-thirds of women also ended the relationship after a failed first kiss. Avoid this facade by kissing her gently, with not too much tongue. Light on her lips and a little suck is allowed.

3. Go down slowly

Only after 15 minutes kissing and touching can you toward the sacred area. Many women have about eight minutes to get excited and to require the clitoral stimulation. “By doubling that time you are sure that it;s okay,” says Luadzers.

4. Use your head

If you feel a little encouragement, you can kiss your way down. 52 percent of women reported that they expect you to go there at least after 15 minutes work. Let your tongue first make a long story of her perineum to her inner labia, without the element touching her clitoris. Let her breathe while you kiss her thighs. Repeat:)

5. Score

38 percent of the women finds 10 to 20 minutes penetration long enough. Let your positions book on the shelf: 66 percent want to keep the simple delights for the first time. Let her lie on her back with and slightly bent her knees, place pillows under her hips, torso and head. When she’s in the ideal position to enter her, stimulate her clitoris simultaneously.

6. Finish it

After the intercourse you should make it clear that you wasn’t looking for a one-night stand. Start with the obvious: cuddling. 56 percent of women would like at least 20 minutes after with you. And it isn’t difficult. “Just hold her hand or putting a hand on her belly is enough to make your point,” says Gardos. And don’t forget the sequel: 59 percent expect a call from you the next day, no e-mail or SMS! Call her a quick after work. She feels her wanted, without it they think you’re a creep.

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