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Yes, he’s finally there, the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso. The revamped version of the four-seater of Ferarri. The four in the model name refers not only to the number of seats, but also the four-wheel drive and four wheel steering.

A new feature is the rear-wheel steering. Four-wheel drive is coupled to the rear wheel steering. This gives you a greater driving comfort and driving pleasure. In addition, the Ferrari is even more dynamic.

The GTC4Lusso has a V12 which is good for 690 hp. An increase on the previous model, the Ferarri FF had “only” 660 hp. The top speed is 334 kmph and he goes quite fast towards to the hundred kilometers an hour in 3.4 seconds. This makes the GTC4Lusso the fastest four-seater from Ferrari.






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