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Ever considered a breakfast salad

Ever considered a breakfast salad?

It is still premature to speak of a trend, but this way of breakfast is gaining popularity: the breakfast salad. Have you ever considered it?

With the proper salad you kill two birds with one stone!”

The sources that we keep an eye on in this world, are increasingly reporting it. And actually it is not crazy, a salad for breakfast. If you compose your salad good, it is simple and quick to make, nutritious and tasty.


breakfast salad 3


It probably withhold you to build a salad on the early morning, because iof your habit. Our climate may also play a role in it, particularly in the winter. Your early morning walk in the kitchen, it’s still dark and cold outside, you probably tend more to a cup of tea and brown bread with peanut butter than a salad. Abroad this way comes to breakfast much more common, especially in hot countries. If you are on holiday in Greece, it is not unusual for you to order or create a Greek salad at breakfast.

breakfast salad

The key of course is to create a salad that suits you, ie provides for your needs. In terms of taste, the best is to choose for neutral ingredients which is better for your empty stomach in the early morning. In the morning, red onion, pickles or processed garlic in your salad, seems not a good idea. In contrast: with a base of lettuce, some nuts, avocado and cucumber you have a fine and fairly neutral start.

Fresh summer salad with green beans, spinach leaves and eggs on white wooden background, selective focus

By adding ingredients like a boiled egg and cottage cheese, you not only more taste in your salad; you also ensures that you have a significant portion of the by you desired substances such as proteins. To top it all for some extra flavor; you can go for a splash of olive oil but if you like sweet flavors in the morning you can add vinegar (which is often available with slightly sweet raspberry flavor). Of course you can also process fresh vegetables in your salad.

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