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Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms

Here are the Elite Social Media platforms

You hear it more and more, people who are tired of Facebook. Stars and rich people were already. But instead of continuing to complain about Facebook on Facebook, they simply opted for other channels. These are the Elite Social Media Platforms And you’ll not get a profile easy.


Opportunity Network
The Italian private equity consultant Brian Pallas created Opportunity Network in 2008: an invite-only platform for CEO’s. Opportunity Network now has operations and employees in over 75 countries worldwide. The network works anonymously. Members can tip anonymous, getting commissions or requests places and when there is a match and Opportunity Network connects them to each other. If your business making less than 35 million per year you should not even try to get inside. Access is granted only after extensive screening and recommendation by leading global financial institutions.
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
To give you an idea of the kind of business that takes place behind the closed doors: an unnamed real estate entrepreneur recently sought a partner to develop a new project in New York with “a price tag of just over a billion dollars’

The Litter Box

What exactly happens in The Litter Box is only known by the members, but it seems that this platform is the world’s most high-end adult site. The Litter Box is essentially a dating and sex attractive platform for people with money. Although the site says; “you don’t have to be a supermodel” there still are many requests falling off.
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
The Litter Box has a social function a la Facebook, but also a luxury sex shop with articles, a dating section and a webcam section. Although no names have been leaked so far it’s an open secret that many artists, athletes and other VIPs are active at The Litter Box.


Eleqt is currently the ultimate network. The platform is a kind of high-end crossover of Facebook and LinkedIn. Users have the ability to create a profile but the main objective is networking. Networking at top level cause you will only get access with ‘the right career and the right motivation’. Two-thirds of users have an annual salary of more than 200,000.
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
Eleqt started as a work spot where the rich could put the earth advertisements for clerks. Eleqt is expanded in that spiret. You will find ads from wealthy people looking for a new mechanic for their hunting or a real estate project to invest in. To be able to qualify you must not only comply the requirements but also annually pay about the 4250 dollars.

A Small World

A Small World was launched almost simultaneously with Facebook but focuses on an entirely different audience (of course only on invitation). This private network is born out of frustration over all the ‘nonsense and wannabes’ on the world’s largest social networks. This Small World brings luxury & animals together and focus on exchanging tips and experiences, especially in the field of travel and hot spots. Because all the users having a high quality of life and standard this platform provides better conversations and relationships.
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
A Small World takes the user annually around 50 dollars and focuses mainly on the London high society.

The Marque

The Marque can be regarded as the surpassing, high-end kick LinkedIn. The platform was established by the South African businessman Andrew Wessels. The Marque offers invitation-only access to the business elite. To be allowed you should have a direct impact on the top of a prominent company but once inside you don’t have. A ‘relationship manager’ fixes your profile together.
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
The Marque promises that your profile also scores with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Google). Because this is a closed platform it serves a kind of top-level place for recruiters and headhunters. The cost of membership of The Marque amount 1500 dollars per year.

Best of All Worlds

Best of All Worlds is an invite-only social media platform set up by the Swedish Count Erik Wachtmeister. During a hunting trip he had the idea to start a private platform for what he calls “top influencers. Best of All Worlds exchange high socialites experiences on hot spots and they can undisturbed network with each other. Members of the Saudi royal family were also involved in the creation of the social media site.
Here are the Elite Social Media platforms
Best of All Worlds is free for the user. The site makes money by advertising. You’ll only get Access to Best of All Worlds by a personal invitation. Every member gets ten invitations to distribute their network. Wich people exactly using this network is not known. There are rumors that it’s particularly royals who undisturbed interact with each other.

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