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Easily distracted Then you are probably a genius

Easily distracted? Then you are probably a genius!

Studies show that intelligent people have difficulty concentrating on work, thank you studies!

Recent research suggests that gifted people find it difficult to focus because they have continuous brilliant ideas, where to switch between.

The research was conducted by Steelcase among 10,000 workers in 17 different countries. This showed that super smart people find it difficult to set priorities, in addition: which idea they are going to work it out first. Because, after all, they are all brilliant.

This does not sound like a big deal, is it? Unfortunately, all of these distractions can create the feeling that the person is unable to carry out the work, and the workload is too high, explains psychiatrist Dr. Edward Hallowell.

The most innovative and capable employees themselves and their boss disappoint because they tend to exhibit procrastination. “Employers are always looking for the most brilliant people available, but dealing with a multitude of tasks and distractions at work has the same effect on smart people, possibly more,” said Bostjan Ljubic, vice president of Steelcase.

He adds: “The ways in which we work are changing faster than ever and get our brains continued to deal with a higher stress levels and more distractions, which can lead to process an information overload for your brain.”

So if you’re distracted quickly and your environment has been reinforced, it’s hard to stay focused. If your boss think differently, let him read this article!

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