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Ducati Scrambler Sixty2; The Perfect Lifestyle

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2; The Perfect Lifestyle

It’s time that motorcycling is not just for men and men women in leather dungarees. It includes a bit of the generation sitting smoky in their homes watching MotoGP on the bench all day. Our time has come, and let us therefore draw the slotted current image. Motorcycle clothing anno 2016 is long gone awkward and unfashionable, so from now – provided when it’s not raining or freezing – we take the motor! To be more specific … we take the Ducati Scrambler!

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

The motorcycle brand has invited Manify to test the new Scrambler Sixty2 in Barcelona! A true lifestyle bike and very accessible. It’s the lightest Ducati currently on the market, but does not yield to the rest of the family. On the contrary! Of course with 400cc it’s a bit limited on speed, but because of its size and weight it’s a very tractable engine with great power. Ideal for beginners but also for experienced riders for a lot pleasurable cruising through town.



A beautiful woman is smiling even more beautiful. This also applies for the new Scrambler. It is a beautiful engine and its appearance is even better! It’s just really cool. The surf-beach-skate vibe that Ducati has given this bike is delicious. With the sun on your head along the beach and drive through the city, there is no better feeling!



For 8,8k you can ride a very relaxed and stylish engine. It does vintage to, in terms of look and feel, but in terms of technique for sure. The LED display can also provide information on what is important. The engine has 30kW of power and features, like all Ducati models with ABS.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2; The Perfect Lifestyle

The Ducati 400cc Scrambler is available in three colors: Ocean Grey, Shining Black and our favorite, Atomic Tangerine (orange). There are a lot of customization options, our favorites are the spoked wheels and the checkered leather saddle. There are very cool Chelsea boots available that Ducati have designed together with Blundstone and also a special holder for your skateboard hang on the engine and very soon there will be a bracket for your surfboard. Haloha;)


The lifestyle brought by the Scrambler is really great, although sometimes it may not always be completely fit the bill on our drizzly country. But when the sun shines again, you’ll feel an outlaw on this bike. And if you will make a road trip along the coast, you can’t do it without the Ducati Scrabler Sixty2!


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