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Don't be 'that guy' in the gym;
Don't be 'that guy' in the gym;

Don’t be ‘that guy’ in the gym;

Don't be 'that guy' in the gym;
Don’t be ‘that guy’ in the gym;

Every gym has one of them or ten. Use our tips so that you don’t be a victim of this gym faux pas.

You don’t have to spend hours in the weight room to know that some fellow athletes can be quite annoying. Sometimes too much noise, sometimes too much skin; we have listed at least four offenses that no one can appreciate in the gym.

The moaner

When you do it right, a moan can help sometimes to get through that last rep. But moan as Maria Sharapova on the tennis court is not appropriate in the squatrack. Besides that you are irritating others you really sabotage yourself. Swap your primal sounds in through controlled breathing. It is not only carries more oxygen to your muscles, it also makes you twice as strong.

The all knower

To protect a novice athlete against itself is okay, tell him that his weird circular motion must be exchanged for a straight spine is fine. But to suggest an accomplished athlete that he can do a better backsquat instead of a Zercher will probably not appreciated. If the athlete needs help, he probably will ask.

The nudist

Gym Etiquette also applies in the locker room. It doesn;t matter how high you are from the endorphins through your post-workout shake, make sure you aren’t too friendly in the dressing room – especially when you’re naked. You can also better skip the exaggerated towel-drying-sessions. Make sure you do not give yourself more than 5 minutes exhibits to the other people in the locker room. If it takes longer, there is a big chance that the other people will think strange about you, narrow your exhibitionism to the minimum.

The egoist

You can’t use all the dumbbells simultaneously in all formats and you probably also don’t collect them. Build a fort with weights in a quiet corner in the gym, while others gymgangers fight over the last remaining five kilos is not the intention you should give.


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