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Do this tonight to let you look younger tomorrow.

Do this tonight to let you look younger tomorrow.

On this way, tomorrow morning you wake up with a younger and fresher face. No matter how tougt your weekend was.;)

1. Get rid of puffiness
Dark circles disappear like snow in the sun when you use an eye cream with peptides and caffeine as the main ingredients, says dermatologist Rachel Pritzker. It’s best to keep the cream in the fridge. This reinforces the toning effect, so your walls globe are immediately reduced.

2. Say goodbye to dead skin cells
Use an exfoliating face wash with volcanic rock before bedtime. It’s pretty rough (which it immediately makes a lot more masculine to use), but this works better than the finer scrubs walnuts and apricot kernels. So your skin looks directly much healthier. A shirt in a light color enhances this effect, says style consultant Julie Rath.

3. Exit red eyes
A lack of sleep due to the weekend may cause dry eyes and inflammation. Because of this your eyes are red. Use eye drops 2 to 3 times daily to give your eyes the moisture they neede.

4. Tame your hair

Bring some beard balm or Oil-burning in your beard and mustache to tame your wild hair. The peaking hair cut you off with a small pair of scissors with a round top (to prevent self-flagellation). Do the same with your nose, ear and eyebrow hairs.

5. White pearls

Groomed, white teeth are your calling card. Make sure your tooth shining. It’s easily done and you often see the result immediately if you ask Google for it. According to Penn State University, people with a healthy row biters deemed successful. Use it to your advantage!


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