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Do you want to make easy MONEY for doing what you already did?

Read this, this is very serious!! Do you want to make easy MONEY for doing what you already did?

I discovered TSU 13 hours back, it’s a Social Media platform exactly like Facebook but less complicated and you earn 90% of the income from the showed banners on your profile and…


another cool form of income is just using its timeline. If you are scrolling and watching post from friends and pages, there are always 2 banners showed (left and right one). So you automatically generate a CPM income (if you read farther I’ll explain what CPM is)
Anyway, so i made and optimized my profile just with an Header and Profile picture, that’s the only easy thing i did!! I woke up today and already had 13 followers and earned some little cash. (I have no facking idea how these people found me!!!)

So what to to do? Make a profile (I don’t earn anything for it) Search for friends and people you like to follow. Use it like any other Social Media, post pictures and things you like or doing. Because people seeing or clicking on the Advertising on TSU you get 90% of the provide.
They work with Google Adsense, let me explain you something about it.


There are 3 ways of income you get with the CPM and the CPC,
*CPM is cost per mile, it pays you between the 20 and 99 cent per 1000 viewers or in this case also for your own 1000 impressions; just using the timelime and seeing the ADS.

*CPC is cost per click, it pays you between the 15 en 30 cent per click. But the transaction after it will be yours, so if people buy something from clicking on your AD they pay you extra commission!

P.S NEVER NEVER NEVER click on your own ads.. they have very smart tools and they will kick you out!!

So you if you;re looking for a new awesome social media platform and you want to get payed for it? TSU gives you the opportunity to make extra money for the things you did for years and daily do!

Don’t forget to follow us cause it’s the place where everything is going to happen;)
You’re welcome,

Giordano Drieman

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