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Do you’ have the perfect woman?

The formula for the perfect woman is simple: clever + smart + funny = the one. If it were that simple… to recognize really your dream woman. Butwe can help you to the right direction!


… Is not too young
Recent research in the Journal of Sex Research shows that men are happier in their relationship when their partner is 2 to 4 years younger.

… Laughing at your (bad) jokes
Canadian researchers showed that men are more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes. Moreover, 75% of men that sense of humor in a survey of our American Men’s Health colleagues is an essential trait for a woman.

… Has a radiant smile
Research in the journal Emotion shows that we find women more attractive when they smile. The researchers asked men and women to assess several photos of the opposite sex. Some illustrations laughed the person, not on others. While women prefer men with a serious facial expression, men feel mainly attracted to women laughing bare their teeth.

… Has big breasts
BREAKING: Men love boobs! BREAKING: Men love big breasts. Researchers have figured out whether your sociology sexual orientation – your willingness to casual sex – affects the way you assess the attractiveness of the breast size. The result: Although all the men enjoyed what they saw (seriously!), Larger breasts as attractive regarded by men who did not have a long term relationship.

… Has long legs
Research results were presented at a meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society show that men prefer women with longer legs. During the study, the women’s faces were distorted images, and the men had to identify which were the most attractive faces. The result: the probability that a man chose a woman with long legs was eight times bigger.

… Has small feets
During the same study examined how men rated the shoe of a woman. Men chose about four times more common for women with small feet. We find not only more attractive but also more feminine.

… Has narrow hips
Ok, one more result of the same investigation than Men rated women with narrow hips 11 times more likely to be attractive. Why? The researchers believe that men link narrow hips to a healthier youth and better genes.

… Working on a career
Parading with a beautiful young woman by your side who is in love on your bank account? Man, that is out! At least, according to science. Research published in the American Journal of Sociology that most men prefer a woman who is financially independent in a relationship.

… Is intelligent
Come on, you don’t get turned on by a dumb blonde, because that’s out. Research in the Journal of Sex Research shows that men are more satisfied with their partner if they have received appropriate training. At the same time research shows that men are less happy in marriage if the wife is the breadwinner of the family. Success is sexy – not too much success..

… Wearing red
Singer Chris de Burgh (The Lady in Red) already knew it for a few years, but scientists are either now: women in red are more attractive indeed. Research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that men feel significantly more sexually attracted to the color red. Whether it’s a dress, sexy underwear or lipstick it doesn’t matter.

… Has brown hair
British study in which men had to rate photos of the same woman with different hair colors – red, blonde and brown – shows that men find brunettes physically more attractive. We consider brunettes as more intelligent, more accessible and a research from Florida State University show that we see them as well as a reliable and stable person.

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