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DKNY 2017 intimates with Emily Ratajkowski

Introducing the new DKNY Spring/Summer 2017 intimates, hosiery and sleepwear campaign, titled #GoodMorningDKNY. Featuring actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, the was shot by fashion photographer, Sebastian Faena, on location in DKNY’s native New York.

Emily Ratajkowski

That Emily Ratajkowski is not camera shy, was already clear. The 25 year old lady appears regularly in bikini or lingerie. This is again confirmed by this wonderful video made in collaboration with DKNY. This under the guise of their spring / summer 2017 collection. For the campaign is not just a video, but there’s also shot a series of pictures in which Emily shows off the collection. We think it’s a wonderful woman. Judge yourself!

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