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Control your impulses

Control your impulses

Retaining control over these things can make your life a lot easier.

Spend money
Shopping brings a flood of dopamine in the brains. Unfortunately, this feeling disappears soon after you purchase, says Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at the Emory University.

Keep it under control by focusing on new experiences instead of new items you preserve the dopamine effect longer. You can also divide your pulse: research shows that fewer people spending large sums of money on others were happier than those who are spending a lot on themselves.

It’s hard to stay focused when you are angry, says psychologist Sarah Fischer of the University of Georgia. If you feel that you lose control, keep in mind that the insult that you want to throw will only cause more damage.

Keep it under control, ‘Practice’ confrontations when you know there is going to come. Make yourself angry, Fischer recommends. “When your brain is overloaded with emotions, you can revert to the practice session.” Give yourself to calm down after this rehearsal directly, so that it goes easy when you really confront.


Anger, stress and sadness can work much food in your hands, says Janet Polivy, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Thanks comfort food makes you feel any better, but this often quickly turns into stress and guilt.

Keep it under control: Do you feel bad? Stay (far) away from food. “Try to do something you enjoy, so you quickly feel more cheerful. Eat at fixed times so you’re not tempted to tune your eating habits on your mood.

“The phrase” I can really relax when I drink “I often hear back in practice,” says psychologist Fischer. Alcohol can be a way to fill a void or at least as though you care to mention.

Keep it under control: Wait 20 minutes between each alcoholic beverage at a party. Ask yourself why you tend to drink a lot. Are you angry or upset? Go do something else. If you don’t use alcohol as a way to feel better.

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