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Contraception - An Infographic Guide
Contraception - An Infographic Guide

Contraception – An Infographic Guide

Condoms all you need to know

Condoms as a topic might not be very glamorous but they are an important concept nonetheless. Condoms in different guises have been in existence for many hundreds of years but with various technology advances, today they are available in a variety of materials, colors, and even flavors!

The emergence of casual sex as a lifestyle choice has also seen the rise in use of contraception like condoms. They allow people to engage in casual sexual relations without the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, although care must always be taken in the event of a condom breakage. Previously it might have been seen a promiscuous or presumptuous to carry a condom but in today’s world, it is seen as being responsible and both men and women are encouraged to carry male or female condoms.

With the unfortunate rise in sexually transmitted diseases, the use of condoms isn’t just for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Condoms help to prevent the spread of serious diseases like HIV which have become major world issues. As a result, condom use is widely encouraged by major world health organizations especially where diseases such as HIV and AIDS are more prevalent.

Condoms are widely available, are inexpensive to purchase, are easy to use and come in different options in terms of colors, sizes and flavors. Preferences have changed and so the condom industry has had to satisfy demand for the likes of larger sized male condoms to fit a ‘growing’ population.

This info graphic from Carvaka Adult Toys aims to highlight some interesting information about male and female condoms, how they are made, the testing procedures, how to use them, store them and dispose of them. Check it out below and learn more!

Contraception - An Infographic


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