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How much is the bank account of Conor McGregor credited after the fight against Jose Aldo

McGregor against Aldo would be the fight of the century but the neutral fan was still a bit of disappointed. Just as Conor the Irishman already predicted; Aldo made a mistake, a hard left punsch to the jaw of the Brazilian was enough to win the featherweight title. That was not the only thing that he won. The Irishman didn’t had worries about money but after Saturday..

The Notorious earned for the battle and sponsorship almost 530 000 dollar and that’s not everything. The money flowed mainly in by everyone who paid to see this titanic struggle. Conor earned about 4.5 dollar per viewer and because a half million people were glued to the tube it takes the total to 6.75 million dollars!! Add the sponsorship money and more and you’ll arrive at nearly 7.3 million.

Check the highlights below here!

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