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Waking up on the Coco Palm

What should you do when you wake up on the Coco Palm in Dhuni Kolhu?


We will soon go over there!

Waking up on the Coco Palm


Waking up on the Coco Palm
First thing i did was finishing what i started yesterday cause i was to tired, i can tell you; “sex on the beach is awesome!”
It’s time to say Goodmorning to all our loveley followers, Goodmorning beautiful world, I’m going to amaze you again if that’s ok:)
Waking up on the Coco Palm


Mr Moody send me the link of an awesome Island rental company in Canada. It gives you an amazing clear view of all the Islands you can Buy or Rent in our world. So take it easy and lets start with renting your dream night between $1000 and $25000 per night.
Waking up on the Coco Palm
Waking up on the Coco Palm
Waking up on the Coco Palm


Dhuni Kolhu is located just 124 km from the International Airport or a scenic 30 minute flight by sea plane. Set on this lush and tropical island, the resort is fringed by white sandy beaches surrounded by a crystal clear emerald lagoon.
Waking up on the Coco Palm


The floating stingray park on the corner(how i call it) knows 5 star Villa’s wich includes a swimming pool, a stunning view at the Indian Ocean, large sundecks and other luxury. The Lagoon villa’s are absolute indulgence for those who are looking for exclusivity.
Waking up on the Coco Palm



Architecturally impressive.

When it comes to dining, what strikes guests is the architecturally impressive large tent-like pavilions that house the restaurants and bars in Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.
Waking up on the Coco Palm
Waking up on the Coco Palm
Waking up on the Coco Palm


Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu offers a wide range of experiences and excursions that take you beyond the beaches to experience the authentic Maldives. Be on the water, a sand bank, or in the comfort of your villa, Uniquely Coco Experiences provide an unforgettable memory of the Maldives.
Waking up on the Coco Palm
Waking up on the Coco Palm


This was just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of things to see and do, i left a lot untold for your own experience.


Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is the ultimate hideaway in the Maldives.



Click on the image below here for all the information!
Waking up on the Coco Palm


Thanks for reading and see you on the next trip!

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