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These cocktails leave you longing for summer

Spring has just begun, the first real spring days are behind us, but we can no longer wait for those balmy summer evenings. Those nights when we sit in the garden with friends to enjoy a cocktail. And now we get you in the mood with those delicious cocktails that let you leave longing for summer.

A cocktail, in my opinion, should not be too sweet, but give the feeling that you have a cocktail. (Sorry ladies The most unusual combinations provide such a cocktail that makes you yearn for summer.

  1. Milk PunchGerelateerde afbeelding
    This is a digestive, a typical drink that you drink after or during your dessert on the terrace. An interplay between sweet, bitter, spicy and sour makes for the perfect after-dinner drink and so do him.


    15 ml Union 55 Salted & Spiced Rum

    15 ml Chateau Montifaud VS Cognac

    15 ml Galliono amaretto

    25 ml of milk

    25 ml of Room


    Shake the ingredients with ice and pouring it through a sieve into a low glass. Sprinkle the cocktail as a finishing touch with some nutmeg.

  2. Godfather SourAfbeeldingsresultaat voor monkey shoulder sour
    The Godfather Sour is the perfect variant of the classic Godfather. The classic combination of Amaretto Whiskey is enhanced by the taste of lemon, making this cocktail is the perfect drink for summer. Plus: it’s very easy to make.


    30 ml of Scotch Whiskey

    30 ml of amaretto

    30 ml lemon juice

    1 tablespoon sugar or sugar syrup


    Shake the ingredients firmly together and pour the contents into a glass tumbler. Make the cocktail with a slice of orange.

  3.  Tom CollinsAfbeeldingsresultaat voor tom collins meet the parents

    This cocktail has its origins in the 19th century, where a man named Collins came to the recipe of this cocktail. Originally seen was the cocktail with gin, but this was later replaced by Old Tom Gin. Hence the name. Slightly different than the Gin & Tonic, but we are also called to a variation.ingredients

    60 ml Old Tom Gin

    2 teaspoons white sugar

    30 ml lemon juice

    Club Soda

    Use a highball glass and mix in this gin, sugar and lemon juice. Fill glass with soda and garnish the cocktail with a lemon slice and a maraschino cherry.

  4.  Moscow MuleAfbeeldingsresultaat voor moscow mule

    For the vodka lovers, this is one to remember. There are many variations of the Moscow Mule, so there instead of lime sometimes a cherry, cucumber slice, slice of lemon or orange used, making the cocktail gets a whole different flavor. To prepare the cocktail really good, you serve it in a copper mug.
    ingredients45 ml Esbjaerg Copper Vodka

    15ml fresh lime juice

    175 ml Goslings Ginger Beer

    1 drop of Angostura bitters

    1 slice of lime

    Mix all ingredients, fill glass with ice cubes and pour the cocktail. Garnish with a slice of lime.




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