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Cheating thanks to your parents..

Cheating thanks to your parents..

Is cheating the cause of your genes?

This little detail makes the chances of cheating twice as big.

Lewd behavior is in our genes, according to new research from Texas Tech University. The university asked people whether their parents cheated once. Nearly half of respondents who reported that their parents were cheated, went himself strangely. The risk to cheat was twice as large than they with fidelity parents.

This means that mom and dad, along with the satisfaction in a relationship and your own personality, one of the main predictors of infidelity, says study author Dana Weiser.

According to Weiser, the tendency to folly committed is partially genetically . Other researchers discovered earlier that it has to do with biological characteristics, such as a particular type of dopamine receptor that makes you want more partners in a lifetime. But Weiser also think your parents create a sample of what you expected later in a relationship.

Has your father ever cheated? Then grew the idea to you that monogamy is not feasible. This way of thinking is thus a self-fufilling prophecy.
Incidentally, it is not immediately need to panic if your parents (or its) have not always been faithful. You’re not suddenly doomed their faults says Weiser. Certainly not when you figure what effect this has had on yourself. Ask for an interview with your partner when you discuss your vision of monogamy. And remember, a much more important indicator of cheating is your satisfaction in the relationship. By putting new energy to communicate, have fun and try new things together, you arm yourself against the best a cheating partner.

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