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Employed by GQ in London? It’s quite difficult to get a job when you are graduated at the first case. Saturated labor markets and lack of experience are often the cause. In this case Sumukh Mehta was looking for an internship and delivered a very creative CV. The man from Bangalore, India wanted nothing more than to to get started in British GQ Magazine.
The eighteen-page magazine is a resume made of dreams.
To get a foot in the door he made a complete edition of GQ. Sumukh graced the cover itself and managed it to sell itself to editor in chief, Dylan Jones. Without any conversations he was accepted by GQ London. It took Sumukh three weeks to make his own ludic edition. But as we know: hard work pays of. Hopefully we will see a lot more of this magazine magician! Check his work below here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 8 9 10

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15 tips for a better balance between your work and private life 1. Playtime Work on your muscle mass is not something your boss will consider as the spearhead – unless you’re a professional boxer – but it does provide the necessary relaxation. Physiologists have discovered at the University of Pittsburgh that employees who do fitness in their lunch break have half the afternoon dips and look to improve their productivity by a quarter. Ideal is a 40-minute session in which you train all muscle groups, combined with cardio interval training. 2. Rise “More efficient phone use makes you able to finish work on time,” said Allen Elkin, author of Stress Management for Dummies. “When you stand up, your calls take about 50 percent shorter because you get faster to the core. So you can save time to tackle other important issues. 3. Button “Find a balance between work and life means in either case that you shouldn;t be overshoot,” says David Guest, professor of organizational psychology at the Universtiy College London. “A busy social life is not conducive to the stress, so take a day off once a month with no strings attached.” Search also agree to a higher plane. According to a study at the College of Europe in Bruges meditation makes sure that stress by at least 30 per cent decrease. 4. Be open The details of that stag weekend you might want to keep you, but in itself it does not hurt to tell sometimes a little about private appointments with your boss. According Guest is a pure win-win situation. “Your boss will give you more space to work on your personal life. Moreover, the balance between personal and work commitments puts positive pressure to finish your work on time. ” 5. Dead hours Work while traveling, so you overdue eliminates jobs and thus and ends up with more free time left. There is mobile signal to go online anywhere to find. Travel by train suddenly becomes a lot more interesting. 6. Work/study Work on yourself is good for your health and your career. “Investing in your career through continuous training has your private and work a sense of control,” says British life coach Clare Evans. More than 80 percent of the people who let retraining feels that his life has become better. IT courses have the most positive impact on you and your career. 7. Good social According to the communication consultants of Mitel 80 percent of us are surfing more than an half hour per day through a variety of social networking sites. “This strategy to get out of work is ultimately at the expense of your own time, because you can’t get out of work mode by blurring boundaries,” says Deborah Tom, author of Find the Balance. Focus during your balancing act especially on social networking sites that are career oriented, such as LinkedIn.com. 8. Outsourcing Internet can make your job much easier. Put some work on sites and freelancers offer themselves in droves to take your hands off the job – at competitive prices because the competition is fierce. Beautiful, so you have again time for the important thingamajig of life. The DVD box with yet another season of Dexter for example. 9. Balance Make sure that free is truly free. “Do not ruin your weekends and holidays with no administration,” says Evans. “Make every month a day off when you make a clean sweep and do all the jobs that remain are his. Then you can really pass without guilt enjoy a relaxing weekend. ” 10. Self-reflection “Private and see work as two separate things, is impossible,” says Evans. Haart tip, give me a week number from 1 to 10 on the following points: your physical environment, health, finance, personal growth, entertainment, relationships, career and friends. “Focus here is on the point that the worst occurs, write down what is holding you back and try to explain how you are going to improve it,” she says. 11. The boss pays Take advantage of this. “Most companies understand the importance of motivated, healthy employees, so do not be afraid to ask your employer to contribute to the gym,” said Deborah Tom. 12. Be useful Other people help you can give a very satisfied feeling. Therefore go even volunteering for a charity. “Being active as a volunteer makes ‘feel-good’ hormones in the brains,” says Evans. 13. Stay sober The beer may still cry so hard, rather take in first extended a detour for you with your colleague or partner after work plunges into the pub. “To go on the booze is the worst thing you can do if you want to relax,” says Cary Cooper, professor of organizational psychology at Lancaster University. “Drinking gives you an excuse to don’t talk about work, while everyone, at least 20 minutes, capture in a normal way (so sober) with a friend or colleague to discuss the issues, quit and go by. ” 14. Time Out Snow-covered? According to the International Stress Management Association blames 72 percent of our growing stress on overload at work. “Makes a break for five minutes every hour before you need a third less time to accomplish a task, so you can go home earlier,” said Cooper. “Leave during that break really your workplace. The farther away the better. 15. You shall find “Half of the people is six weeks per year looking for misplaced information, ‘says Cooper. Keep yourself on time, thanks to the Google search application. Go to desktop.google.com and download the small program, which saves a lot of precious seconds searching for old e-mails and documents.