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From the creators of “The Art of FLIGHT”, now comes “The Fourth Phase”. The legendary snowboarder Travis Rice takes you on an adventure to beautiful landscapes around the North Pacific where he discovers more than just the new winter wilderness. The highly anticipated film will premiere worldwide on October 2 at Red Bull TV. “The way our winters are has always intrigued me,” says Rice. “The filming of ‘The Fourth Phase’ brought an incredibly talented group of snowboarders together with the most dedicated production crew that exists. Together we have experienced many different faces of the North Pacific storm. This trip we were also on the principle that if you want to understand something and really want to understand, you have to surrender yourself completely to this. “ 4K Started in 2013 and shot entirely in 4K (Ultra HD), The Fourth Phase paves a path in fresh snow with a mix of action, story and cinematography. The result is a film for anyone who has a fascination for adventure, nature and life. “We take the viewer into the highs and lows of this trip,” said director Jon Klaczkiewicz. “The film does not only insane snowboard actions portrayed in the most remote corners of the world, also an emotional story being told.” Crew A crew with some of the most innovative riders in the world, including Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Mikkel Bang, Jeremy Jones, Victor de Le Rue and Ben Ferguson took part in this mission. Of land where never previously has been boarden, in Wyoming to the Japanese Alps, Russian volcanoes and the most remote places in Alaska. The team shall fully exposed by surrendering to nature. the-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapes-1the-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapesthe-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapes2the-fourth-phase-adventure-to-beautiful-landscapes3


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It’s cold in Minnesota, very cold. the American state is white and covered under a blanket of snow. What to do if there is snow? Right, make the capital Saint Paul unsafe with a snowmobile. Levi LaVallee, born and raised in the “North Star State,” interrupts the pristine white snow and opens with cool stunts and sick jumps.

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We do not know exactly what we were doing at eight years old, but the words ‘double’ ‘backflip’ and ‘snowboard’ doesn’t describe what was going on in our lives at that time. The 8-year-old Eli Bouchard from Quebec, Canada is the youngest in the world who knew how to perform the trick. He says stands on a snowboard since he was e1 and a half year old and he is certainly not afraid to fink on his mouth. What a fighter. Remember his name because this is going to be a big one!

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The channel Sky Atlantic has carried out its own PR stunt to let them know that they are going to broadcast the sixth season of the series Game of Thrones. They are none other than the artist Simon Beck asked to make snow artwork. And so Simon has been busy in the French Alps to announce on its way that it will soon be winter. The people of Game of Thrones came today with a new video in which the camera men are heard of the series. Unfortunately we have to wait until April for the real start of the season.

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Inside the extreme winter sports snowboarding often be in the spotlight compared to skiing. There is now once more demand for snowboarding films, making sure the larger budgets for higher quality movies. But that skiing is not just a snowy sport is proved by the Canadian Sean Pettit damn well. Even many snowboarders are indulge in the following images.

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Max Verstappen kicks off this year great. He has given at 1.600 meters a special showrun on the famous descent of the Alps: the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel. Probably the video of Max drifting in the snow is not count unknown for the most of us. I saw it a few days back and because it was going viral that fast it didn’t make sense anymore to post it on our homepage, why would you check something you already saw? Exactly, but to be on the exclusive scale we made a great photo-shoot-collection, something you did not saw;)
The eyes of sports fans and of course some skiers were surprised; Max was slightly modified in his RB7 Formula 1 car on the slopes.
..and of course that delivers some spectacular images. max-redbull-00254 max-redbull-00258 max-redbull-00260 max-redbull-00262 max-redbull-00272 max-redbull-00276 max-redbull-00278 max-redbull-00282 max-redbull-00284 max-redbull-00290 max-redbull-00292 max-redbull-00294 max-redbull-00296 max-redbull-00300 max-redbull-00302 max-redbull-00304 max-redbull-00308 max-redbull-00310 max-redbull-00315 max-redbull-00317 max-redbull-00321 max-redbull-00323 max-redbull-00325 max-redbull-00327 max-redbull-00329

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Fast Forward Kevin Rolland & Julien Regnier Freestyle Skiing This spectacular freestyle-ski-video is the must see of today! Normally you only see ski chases in Bond films, but today the X-game winners Kevin Rolland and Julien Regnier find themselves here. What starts with a phone falling from a ski lift ends up with high speeds, amazing jumps and tricks. Check the video out below! snygo-ski-fun6 ski-freestyle Bobsleigh-Ski-6 fast_forward_course-poursuite_a_la_plagne fast-forward-kevin-rolland-et-julien-regnier fast-forward-kevin-rolland-julien-regnier (1) 1200x630_317911_fast-forward-kevin-rolland-jagd-julie fast-forward-kevin-rolland-julien-regnier Fast-Forward-La-Plagne Kevin-Rolland-Julien-Regnier-together-in-the-fun-short-movie-FAST-FORWARD Schermafbeelding-2015-11-26-om-17.45.08-620x309    

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Discover the science behind the joke of Mother Nature.
Ice cold fingers and runny nose are annoying, but the worst joke of mother winter is your shrinking penis. According to urologists your penis shrinks 50 percent in length and 20 to 30 percent in circumference if the temperature is below the -15.5 degrees celsius. “If you’re cold your blood flow reduces to your penis,” says Darius Paduch, director of sexual health at Weill Cornell Medicine. “This will actually let your penis shrink your.” It sounds like a cruel joke of Mother Nature, but there is an evolutionary explanation behind. Your body is set up that the heat and energy retentive to some parts of your body . If it’s cold your blood will flow in the middle of your body and remains constant around your vital organs. To keep this up your body reduce blood flow to the fingers, toes and penis. In the meantime, your scrotum shrinks and crawls your entire thing up, toward the warmth of your body, says Dr. Paduch. We laugh about it, but for some men it can be really uncomfortable. Because if you weaken blood flow, your penis rubbery and dangles’ ie around in your boxers, which may reduce your penis in very painful positions, said Dr. Paduch. The solution: wear tighter sport boxers in the winter to prevent this, he says. A reassurance: once your body warms up, your penis in just a few minutes back to its former glory ‘resurrected’.

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We never heard of this awesome winter sport but apparently they have world championships cause we see the 55 year old champion Franco Moro popping across the plains. What makes this different than just skiing? This is all done by a very fast horse which pulls the person on skis. Very spectacular to see or to do, so cancel the wintersport you just booked and save money for a horse! Skijoring is the new skiing! Skijoring is the new skiing! Skijoring is the new skiing!