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A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury

The Right - A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury from Oz

The Right – A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury from Oz. Ryan Hipwood leads a group of heavy water hellmen to tackle The Right – the West Oz slab that almost killed him. The Right – A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury from Oz from TAUBLIEB Films on …

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Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco

Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco

Searching Sirocco; Pro skater Brett Novak made this video together with freestyle skater Kilian Martin and he is quite striking in every area. This is probably the best skate video you’ve ever seen. The locations of the shots, the transitions and the insane skills it’s pure pleasure!

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GoPro: Airplane Waterskiing

GoPro Airplane Waterskiing

Ben Groen gets towed by a plane while waterskiing barefoot with friends in Florida. This water skier decide to say goodbye to his skis. Barefoot water skiing is great but it could be better. Just some awesomeness, check it out! Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from

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Moonwalking Bear in South East Asia

Moonwalking Bear IN South East Asia

That’s another way to make your travel video compilation. More like what I should do, easy, crazy, funny, and it delivers nonetheless beautiful views from South East Asia! Hey moonwalking bear ehh.. Justin Woods, that are some vaguely sweet dance moves. Good job dude! Ps Check out that booty at …

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HD Hero2

Sometimes you don’t need marketing at all. Just make it awesome! First of all The HD HERO2 is one of the coolest things of the 21st century but what’s made with it is even more unbelievable. Maybe you saw this video before because it has more than 20 million views …

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Race against the tide

Race agains the tide

The people of Kangiqsujuaq in Canada go to great lengths to add variety to their diet of seal meat, venturing under the sea ice during the extreme low tides of the spring equinox to gather mussels. It’s a race against time. They have less than half an hour to search …

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