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Aloha, Hawaii!

Aloha Hawaii

Aloha! The Billabong Women’s team invaded the North Shore for a week. They surfed all day, hung out with Teen Vogue, watched the Billabong Pipe Masters, did some hiking, ate lots of yummy local food and had an amazing time together in Hawaii. Check it out here Aloha, Hawaii! from …

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Awesome Shots #4

Awesome Shots

Do you know why we have eyes? If you don’t, allow me to show you why. It amazes me that I’m not a job-seeker. I feel a weekly viewing is enough for my followers. I also believe you guys are looking for the pleasures and not the problems. If you’re …

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Places you want to be #3

Places you want to be

People should say; i can’t help you…. but I can help it where you are right know. Let me take you to the most breath taking places in our world, close your eyes and… haha no keep your eyes open and let it al come. The expedition to a happier …

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Places you must visit #2

Places you must visit

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you have to feel good! What is it that drives you forward? What turns you on? What gives you energy to make things happen? Is it a commitment to survive or is it pure motivation to fulfill your dreams? What about …

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Awesome shots #3

Awesome shots

I’m driving, touring and visiting the most beautiful places in the next few days. It’s time to show you and the world how beautiful the world is. Huh, how did I just say that? Anyway, it’s an interest of mine I guess, but for a lot of people these pictures …

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Travel – Antwerp, Belgium

antwerpen 2

The Sin of Greed. Wanting more. Having more. Needing more. We are all guilty of this one. And there is no city like Antwerp to show you all your heart desires for. I’m doing some special content this weekend on Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve just arrived here and I’m actually staying …

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The journey to Ibiza

The Journey to Ibiza

Every week we take you to a new destination in our travel section. Today I gained a little salt and pepper. I should say; These photo’s are extremely cool and I gave it a quick guided tour. The first edition of travel destinations on the Get Addicted website the Maldives Soneva …

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Places you want to be #2

Places to be

Goodmorning, evening or afternoon… you know what? I love tons of places this world has to offer. All the cultures and all the “good” people. It doesn’t matter what time it is at your place. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Not that i’m not interested but we are the …

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Awesome shots #1

Awesome shots

First of all I want to say thanks to all the great photographers! This is the first official Awesome shots #1. A great random mix of awesome photos all around the world. A great piece of entertainment. Can’t get enough? Check out our last edition with beautiful summer pictures! >> …

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Hermosa México


Ever expected that Mexico was so beautiful? I found it out today! I saw that today I had, for the first time, a lot of visitors from Mexico. I started at Google and found a lot of beauty. Let me share some of the beauty with you. Mexico spans across an area …

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I’m going to write this in my native tongue, Dutch:) Ik ben geboren en opgegroeid in een stadje wat grenst aan onze hoofdstad Amsterdam. Zoals ik altijd tegen de mensen in Zwitserland waar ik nu woon zeg, “het was een verschrikkelijke (Coole) jeugd”. Amsterdam, ja wie kent het niet, de …

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