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1. Say goodbye to the regular suit It’s a little bit different now than all the regular blue and gray suits, say let them hang in your closet! The pinstripe suit gives your wardrobe exactly the extra style and change it needs. Choose a nice small cut version and there is no one who doesn’t take you seriously. No-Label-DB-Suit-amsterdam-fahion-menswear-double-breasted-pinstripe-look                       2. Casual touch A pinstripe suit is really no longer just an office essential. Dinner or drinks after work? Swap your shirt with a nice T-shirt or turtleneck and you’re done. Smart casual is the credo and pinstripes is the finishing touch. tumblr_nlp9j5zKoS1u0k05io1_500                           3. Power Because the pinstripe suit is and should not only worn by old bossy bankers, it still has a certain kind of image. It exudes strength and self-confidence. Tricky appointment on the schedule? Wear your pinstripe suit, preferably with extra wide lapels, and do your advantage. 8351904_orig                 4. Personal style statement Be creative with the stripes and create a personal style statement! Play with the color or to the thickness of the stripe. Consider with the industry in which you work. In some firms “go crazy” will unfortunately not be appreciated. As long as it remains stylish you won’t store shelf wrong. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   5. In the mix Don’t have time or inclination to buy a new suit? Be creative and use the tasty blend in a different way and bring the line in your outfit. Think of a striped scarf or tie. You can also choose for a pinstripe pants with sneakers and a polo. casual, sporty and classy! 185845-Blue-And-White-Striped-Shirt-With-Navy-Pants-And-Brown-Shoes


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Kim Dotcom don’t seem to have a normal life, we ​​know that by now, the Ger(man) surprises us again and again with his limitless wealth. Earlier, he gave us all a glimpse into his absurd villa in New Zealand and this time we get a tour of its headquarters in Hong Kong. On the top floor of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the founder of megaupload.com has its own penthouse. Via private treed a world full of absurd luxury inside. The most expensive Italian furniture, huge TVs, the largest pool of Hong Kong and a Jacuzzi full of tasty chicks. Of course, all the wealth of Kim are protected and, therefore, he hired one of the largest Kung Fu masters as his personal bodyguard. These professional ass chopper kicks hard together every burglar and was also a gifted masseur. A more luxurious life than this is just not possible.

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If you continue walking without socks there are some rules that you must know. Do not impair your style on your hygiene, so pay attention to these points. 1. Always wear invisible socks Showing up without socks applies only to the eye. Socks are a must in terms of hygiene and comfort. You can choose to don’t wear socks, but it’s not much more to the illusion that arouses right? Invest in some few low invisible socks and you have a win / win situation: 2. Wear the right pants Wear shoes with no (visible) socks requires the right pants. These must be cutted slim at the ankle to create the right effect. Check it in the mirror if it fits properly. 3. Choose the moment It’s not always the right time to show off your ankles. So there are certain dress codes (such as a formal wedding or business affair) Not wearing socks is not done. 4. Prevent chapped ankles Your ankles are constantly in rubbing with the innerside of your shoes. This can give dry the skin around the ankles and foots. Use a good body scrub and cover your feet with a good moisturizer. 5. Do not expose all Know the correct length. Roll up your pants not until three-quarter length, but keep it neatly above the ankles.

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I wanna say thanks to all my lovely followers, men & women! Get Addicted is exactly 6 weeks online now and not without succes. Mr Moody and I reached over 100,000 visits today with constantly having online visitors. I’m happy to write this edition about succes. The 100,000 visits really motivate. Lets talk about succes, and when I say succes I’m talking dressing for succes. When a man dresses for success the following title pops up on everyone’s mind. “Classy Famous Suits”! Succes = Dress to impress! Want to get lucky with the ladies guys? Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style Classy Men Style I hope it has inspired you! Visit us next time for the casual trends of 2015!