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Drones are increasingly used in making cool movies and we can do nothing but applaud this wonderful trend. So also with the latest drone movie with a freerunner which takes considerable progress at the British seaside town. Parcours is itself kind of awesome to watch, but a drone, a good camera and beautiful locations made this movie absolutely spectacular.

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There is less underwear among those tight sexy sport shorts than you thought;) According to a survey by CottonElle is about 8 percent of women always without underwear in the gym! 31% sometimes. They were also asked why they do this; 36 percent gave the criticism about visible underpants lines as reason. A second logical answer was that is gives more comfort during exercises. Outside that this post maybe motivates you to visit the gym more, or that it’s a little exciting to know, we also got a small surprise for ya. Guess what!? Yes, how much time do you have?;) Here are the 85 HOTTEST GIRLS in sport-clothes you’ll ever see!! 1004685_508727095870508_1063198563_n 1004944_581654415244442_1639546867_n 1012062_584253511651199_1583589452_n 1017005_635080166568533_2166613482414576517_n 1098441_621309491278934_1163981689_n 1146572_616506991759184_490632606_n 1184984_567919826617901_1446620885_n 1185234_518893364853881_1759346496_n 1186035_517736121636272_746498908_n 1233525_632746250135258_3274157780204731566_n 1235380_519507921459092_722561735_n 1238848_516210011788883_1057570257_n 1240225_520638914679326_1881597368_n 1240461_522842277792323_876413875_n 1378160_543685719041312_1615716751_n 1378661_540950175981533_468369365_n 1379739_534913519918532_884580644_n 1383434_543793292363888_1694588183_n 1452168_622639394479277_1053068821_n 1454587_558523557557528_452654188_n 1454700_776329959110219_3142652370788551012_n 1468659_563962517013632_788427151_n 1470424_570247683051782_877486144_n 1471837_560750264001524_337683812_n 1475925_573026489440568_1971270172_n 1475972_565036870239530_1717007836_n 1493122_573083056101578_693327171_n 1504001_631489010260982_1804296524892358353_n 1507993_603678496375367_1619656743_n 1510903_578838225526061_1810802085_n 1511028_567946559948561_1156654230_n 1512785_572564922820058_1065653362_n 1532115_585298931546657_1035097502_n 1535541_585736458169571_1307093195_n 1535737_573188999424317_354593399_n 1536646_618975751512308_1619858300_n 1544525_646701805406369_507120252479863043_n 1545686_674069466002936_8655899365601111919_n 1779843_606916079384942_1868978331_n 1780748_615531441856739_71312058_n 1888465_642323375844212_5872864635892233593_n 1891088_608300379246512_1712436937_n 1901191_598180360258514_1393077945_n 1901241_750426245033924_1495375609407879584_n 1901256_643468469063036_6842802848534036659_n 1920478_615066985236518_1533464392_n 1948027_622269927849557_501766130_n 1966783_763669913709557_4358459890403950320_n 1972536_625792710830612_106443872_n 10003264_626995394043677_883071090_n 10004050_629511517125398_751202413472862361_n 10006992_621004257976124_636583062_n 10007451_614026508673899_71110172_n 10151843_627169060692977_26736802_n 10152410_662721083804441_5653052285429819872_n 10153638_624442114299005_488482860_n 10171288_629279050481978_7839978430237733801_n 10256517_632323653510851_6374162523638056404_n 10382838_778076795602202_2410893136374670759_n 10384444_671533422923207_2339400412881926296_n 10389645_681974665212416_8822527943040894140_n 10392461_702771599799389_4464667182888840601_n 10393545_683760845033798_8636262294150572922_n 10399449_679252735484609_4541855956706008335_n 10406739_767944869948728_7073847655353219036_n 10407848_683265068416709_5006665523529966395_n 10408800_678975745512308_3510989380549378946_n 10409036_833191710090710_338299578260981860_n 10409069_782707431805805_7390431677744534586_n 10415615_656520761091140_8782296816551374829_n 10417810_668176943258855_4147863792312389266_n 10418220_663309883745561_6028062689820434405_n 10448186_664339753642574_7666757845761797623_n 10451069_661912277218655_6037821048173068543_n 10462416_703431703066712_8193294061389927788_n 10462890_672134226196460_1892929733957749091_n 10462904_674672165942666_312669083626134317_n 10494774_682430255166857_6353753148611859249_n 10599141_707334766009739_2907350702557187908_n 10600474_695886853821197_1565349790014784218_n 10934060_818366138239934_2111310792620674810_n 10955099_875144092562138_4819043215115471812_n 11128634_851037041639510_5384625367362739860_n 11207302_854312891311925_5602742182675276140_n 11210498_855358221207392_5093884571011818325_n

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Two men who often occupy the minds have beaten thier hands for a bet on high level. Dan Bilzerian and persona non grata Lance Armstrong are partners in crime this week. In fact, in typical style, Dan Bilzerian concluded a bet with an amount of $ 1.2 million. What should he do to win? From his home in L.A till Las Vegas on bike within 48 hours. That equate 278 miles in the pedals. Because Lance has no cycle games anymore he has enough time to coach the eccentric poker player. The bet was concluded with Bill Perkins. The entrepreneur and amateur poker player wants to see if Mr. Bilzerian can cycle the ride without dying. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” hasn’t sat on a bike for eighteen years so can he can use the help of “Big Tex”. It might be smart if Perkins set a mandatory doping test. You never know it with cycling;)

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GoPro has its Line of the Year contest, and in the form of Candide Thovex we have the slain dyed winner at home. The French freestyle skier who once was fourth at the X-Games, made this brilliant video. What do we say, brilliant! This is the coolest video on skis we’ve ever seen! Candide is known that he regularly breaks the internet with his edits, we see him making huge jumps, through narrow tunnels and he even jumps over a helicopter. This is epic to the last pixel.

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This is for the daredevils: rollerblading in the forest! You probably did it early with your buddies, on the asphalt. But with the special skates from Powerslide you can skate everywhere you want! Dustin Werbeski left the real work in the video below to here. Dustin explores the forest in Vancouver and it looks awesome. The north shore – Vancouver, Canada – Powerslide Off-Road skating

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David Lama and Conrad Anker are two climbers and definitely not afraid constructed. The two sports daredevils discovered a new route on the Lunag Ri, a 6907 meter high mountain that lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet, in the infamous Himalayas. The pair thus provided the first ever expedition on the highest cliff of the mountain and they went further than ever before. As you can see this is a particularly difficult climb where a full bucket of guts is needed. Changing weather conditions are always lurking and complicate a limited amount of time beside the climbing process again. Deep bow for these two heroes:)

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Inside the extreme winter sports snowboarding often be in the spotlight compared to skiing. There is now once more demand for snowboarding films, making sure the larger budgets for higher quality movies. But that skiing is not just a snowy sport is proved by the Canadian Sean Pettit damn well. Even many snowboarders are indulge in the following images.

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Without setting a clear goal, you always see that achieving makes smaller steps than those who setting goals. “I would really like to drop some weight off.” You can easily fabricate enough reasons, excuses and justification in your head, why you shouldn’t exercise today or why you’ve earned that beer and pizza. Secretly, inside, you do really know that you keep fooling yourself; but at that time it doesn’t matter. Probably you tell yourself, “Tomorrow I’m going to work extra hard to the bucket,” or “I’m going on Monday or eat healthier.” Yeah buddy, nice intentions. But the chances that you really going to do is extremely small. It gives nothing, only if it comes at the expense of your objective and that is unfortunate. Do you prefer progression or excuses? You must, therefore, ask yourself whether that goal is realizable. Often people say, “I’d would really like to lose some weight.” Or “I actually really need more sports. In both recognizable examples is the number of words that guarantees a fiasco: Would, actually, and should. The first two words say something about it without effort and dedication never going to happen, and the latter means that you will have to force yourself to do so. We both know that something as an obligation which feels like to be postponed to the afterlife. When you think this way, your excuses eventually figure out because other virtues would be more important than your target. So what can you do to counteract this? First, set a root target and make this goal concrete. ’15 July I will have a six-pack with a fat percentage of 10. I’m going to start now with this nutrition and training. More concretely, you can hardly do, right? Next you consistently work on your mind objective. The important thing is that you keep your eyes on the long-term remuneration; without making excuses and exceptions. If you keep this progression, success us inevitable. With a poor but consistent plan you’ll see results, you’ll miss some progression but consistent and disciplined proceed is expected. Do you prefer progression or excuses? It is definitely not easy to win the battle of the devil on your shoulder. All the “sins” which they submit to you are in fact very tempting. But just when you go against it here by disciplined and structured to choose the most difficult path, you backbone, character and of course build a damn nice body.

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Who wants to keep it will have to move and prefer a little sports. You might ask yourself, “But how and how much?” Scientists have been researching for that question and came with a surprising conclusion. 309820-b-s-running-9k The study showed off that running 8 kilometer a week is enough to benefit your health. Even with a bleach such a short distance runners have a lower blood pressure, better cholesterol levels and also lower risk on diabetes, stroke and certain cancers.
“It seems that the biggest health benefits of running already can occur at very short distances.” – Dr. Carl J. Lavie, Cardiologist
So you don;t have to wander our run hours in the park to get the benefits. On the contrary: 1 or 2 times running 5 to 10 km is enough for your body according to Lavie. ete-running-15 However, if you have ambitions to be better or faster, you will need something more than this in order to improve your oxygen uptake. A heart rate monitor can help here, so you know exactly what heart rate zone you are currently training. Furthermore, it’s not always better. Finally, there are also health limits to the top of the spectrum. More than 1 hour running a day gives you just more risk of heart problems, injuries and other nasty health problems.

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Sport & Sex in Sequence We have some new innovation for your healthy lifestyle! Sport and sex has benefits for your love life, but your nightly romps also affect your athletic performance, check it out quick! 1. Resistance Training The release of endorphins after sex blocks the pain receptors in your brain. So you can hold it out longer with sports! 2. Martial Arts The University of L’Aquila discovered that the testosterone level is in the elevator move after sex. This makes you more competitive before a competition. 3. Rehabilitation Being close with your partner can make sure that your wounds heal twice as fast, discovered by the Ohio State University. Nothing is as good as the touch of a woman. 4. Sports foreplay Yes, coregasme exists. Core workouts can cause an orgasm. But – yes, there is a snag – only women can. According to a survey published in the Sexual and Relationship Therapy is was not a fluke: women who ever had such orgasms caused by fitness experience had it at least eleven times. 5. Sex as training It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad in bed; during the intercourse you burn on average 225 calories. If you’re doing your best a little and the love the game late last as long as possible, you naturally burn more. It makes a difference in what scold you do it. Be the driving force;)

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It’s amazing how far single-cylinder engine design has come. The introduction of the modern four-stroke motocross racer in the 1990s was the main driving force behind development, while the advent of the Moto3 class in Grand Prix roadracing in 2012 ushered in even more advancements. KTM was one of the first to take on the challenge of creating a modern four-stroke single streetbike, the Austrian dirtbike manufacturer introducing the Duke 620 way back in 1994. Twenty-two years and four different design iterations later comes the 2016 KTM 690 Duke. KTM claims the 690 churns out 73 horsepower (a 7 percent increase from last year) and torque is up to 55 lb.-ft. (a 6 percent increase). That may not seem like much, but for a single it’s amazing. KTM put a lot of effort into smoothing out the motor. For starters, there’s a new cylinder head with a second balance shaft to reduce vibration. The intake valves run directly off the single camshaft, while the exhaust valves are actuated by a rocker arm. One of the key selling points of the 2016 Duke is its electronics package. Just like its bigger siblings, the 690 comes equipped with the latest Bosch two-channel ABS. It also has three ride modes: Sport, Street, and Rain. The former two provide the same peak power, although Street mode offers gentler delivery, while the latter reduces output. A four-way switch on the left handlebar lets you select ride modes and also control the new TFT dash display. Interestingly, the tachometer bar graph changes color according to rpm, and there’s a night display that aids visibility in the dark. That’s pretty high-tech for “just” a single, but it really makes the 2016 690 Duke shine. Whether a single-cylinder streetbike is worth $9000 is a question buyers will have to answer themselves, but the fact is this is a great motorcycle for beginning riders and advanced enthusiasts. Whichever you are, you won’t be disappointed. KTM02 KTM03 KTM04 KTM05 KTM06 KTM08 KTM09 KTM10 KTM11 KTM12 The 2016 KTM 690 Duke comes in two colors: the classic KTM orange or white. There’s an array of Power Up Parts plus the Track Pack, which offers the same traction control, Supermoto ABS, and Motor Slip Regulator (MSR)