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We do not know exactly what we were doing at eight years old, but the words ‘double’ ‘backflip’ and ‘snowboard’ doesn’t describe what was going on in our lives at that time. The 8-year-old Eli Bouchard from Quebec, Canada is the youngest in the world who knew how to perform the trick. He says stands on a snowboard since he was e1 and a half year old and he is certainly not afraid to fink on his mouth. What a fighter. Remember his name because this is going to be a big one!

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Always dreamed of a chalet on the ski slopes? With this house, you are the owner of five ski slopes! The most people dream of a holiday in France or Spain to escape off the daily grind and longing for a better climate. And skiers & boarders among us will be charmed every year for a beautiful chalet on the slopes. Fiddlehead Mountain combines the uniqueness of both destinations and has five private slopes! Fiddlehead-Mountain-11
The outcome for the winter sports enthusiast
This particular accommodation has everything to entertain the residents throughout the year. The climate is good Because its lied in the free southern location in Canada. The summer average 20-25 ° C and in the winter the temperatures between -5 and -15 ° C. It’s possible to use the five ski slopes, ski lift and piste bully that belong to the house in the winter. It is also possible to ski at night, because one of the slopes is fully illuminated. You will not get lost quickly because there is a map with the different slopes. The large pond at the bottom of the hill is and (how could it be otherwise in Canada) an ice hockey field. Fiddlehead-Mountain-1
Also perfect for sun lovers
If you don’t like the cold and snow, this cottage is perhaps more a solution for you in the spring and summer. In the spring this area is the opportunity to walk or bike to explore the natural surroundings. How wonderful it is to relax in your private hot tub or pool with a view of the Canadian wilderness. When you are present in or around the house, you have the feeling that you are completely isolated from the outside world. However, this is not entirely true because the nearest village is only five minutes away by car;) Fiddlehead-Mountain-9 Fiddlehead-Mountain-12 It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a kitchen with a dining room. The built-in sauna and wine cellar make this luxurious accommodation complete. The price tag for this four season paradise is a little million, but you can be the owner of five ski slopes and all the accessories with it;) Fiddlehead-Mountain-5 Fiddlehead-Mountain-6 Fiddlehead-Mountain-7 (1) Fiddlehead-Mountain-8 (1) Fiddlehead-Mountain-8 Fiddlehead-Mountain-10 (2)

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GoPro has its Line of the Year contest, and in the form of Candide Thovex we have the slain dyed winner at home. The French freestyle skier who once was fourth at the X-Games, made this brilliant video. What do we say, brilliant! This is the coolest video on skis we’ve ever seen! Candide is known that he regularly breaks the internet with his edits, we see him making huge jumps, through narrow tunnels and he even jumps over a helicopter. This is epic to the last pixel.

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Inside the extreme winter sports snowboarding often be in the spotlight compared to skiing. There is now once more demand for snowboarding films, making sure the larger budgets for higher quality movies. But that skiing is not just a snowy sport is proved by the Canadian Sean Pettit damn well. Even many snowboarders are indulge in the following images.

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Fast Forward Kevin Rolland & Julien Regnier Freestyle Skiing This spectacular freestyle-ski-video is the must see of today! Normally you only see ski chases in Bond films, but today the X-game winners Kevin Rolland and Julien Regnier find themselves here. What starts with a phone falling from a ski lift ends up with high speeds, amazing jumps and tricks. Check the video out below! snygo-ski-fun6 ski-freestyle Bobsleigh-Ski-6 fast_forward_course-poursuite_a_la_plagne fast-forward-kevin-rolland-et-julien-regnier fast-forward-kevin-rolland-julien-regnier (1) 1200x630_317911_fast-forward-kevin-rolland-jagd-julie fast-forward-kevin-rolland-julien-regnier Fast-Forward-La-Plagne Kevin-Rolland-Julien-Regnier-together-in-the-fun-short-movie-FAST-FORWARD Schermafbeelding-2015-11-26-om-17.45.08-620x309