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A big part of your manliness is to make the right choices, this makes you ask yourself a lot of questions sometimes. A true man should never ask themselves the following questions, simply because he is the answer ought to know.

What the true man does

Can I pay for this? Questions that a true man never presents itself A true man sits on top of his finances. He knows what is coming and he knows what is going out. He saves targeted and builds on his capital. Of course there is room for a little extra, but he knows at all times what he can and what not. Once spinning with an exorbitant purchase makes life beautiful, but he never have to wonder whether something can or not. What should I wear? Questions that a true man never presents itself This will never happen to him because he simply does not have no suitable clothes to wear. This is not a boastful thing; it merely highlights the importance of a wardrobe built on solid basics. A true man has a wardrobe where he can build on. Of course he’s wondering what he will wear, but this comes from a luxury problem because it has multiple suitable options. Do I have to pay back in the same coin? Questions that a true man never presents itself A true man can not be cut to acts which he does not normally behind. Always be the bigger man. How rude, fake or low someone treats him, he lowered himself to the level of his opponent. He always keeps his dignity and remains an example for others. Even if the opponent is infatuated with his behavior and he has the idea that he ‘wins’ a real man knows he does not need to prove to these people. Running away is not a sign of weakness: it is simply to recognize that proceed it brings no benefit and that there is nothing to get more. Do I help that friend even though it’s not the right time? Questions that a true man never presents itself A true man values its friendships and particular importance, so he strives to be a good friend. He also knows that sacrifice is a part of it sometimes . There are times when he suggests the importance of a good friend above his own interests. He comes into action ‘When called upon’ Do I tell her the truth? Questions that a true man never presents itself A true man never hold the truth behind his girlfriend or wife; How painful it may be. Eventhough the truth harms him or her, he knows the importance of honesty. He takes his responsibility as a man, and he comes from honest. That is still more worthy than lying or withholding important things. Should I take the colleague aside? A true man never gives in to the temptation to take his equal at the expense of another. HE never will strictly his own position while others will be humiliated. Of course he will not eat the bread, the cheese, but a dispute he dissolves in private. Eventhough the other is so wrong; a true man patronizes another, but corrects him / her when others do not see or hear it. Should I write angry back Questions that a true man never presents itself A true man resolves disputes never, never via text messages. For other important issues, he makes an appointment, he comes along, or he simply picks up the phone.

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Many of us are quite optimistic, right? We are keen to find the positive in some rather unpleasant situations. However, optimism and positivity are not only the result of ignoring problems and living in a bubble. We can be positive by a negative visualization of the world. It sounds strange, but pessimism can help keep your head calm. These negative thoughts make you more appreciation in your personal life and successful in your professional goals. The hedonistic glasses Negative visualization is the representation of your life without the conveniences that you currently have. The easiest way to pursue happiness is to want things we already have. We should not take for granted things. Once we are accustomed to our surroundings, we lose appreciation and love for everyday marvels. Try hedonistic glasses once again drop by your example to imagine what your life would be without a job. Or without a sibling. Rate this stuff more at the thought that this would never have in your life? Sounds depressing, isn`t it? Actually, we should be aware that this kind of unpleasant events can happen and we should not fear it to be. How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted 2 Practice makes willpower Meditate on these things is an intellectual exercise and it is possible to do these exercises without affecting our emotions. Try it today or tomorrow. For example, try it during breakfast, on the way to the gym and to work even to imagine what your life would be like this everyday routines were not there. Of course it is not doing to ponder over every action. Choose several times a day, try it, and if moments are special, choose a new one. How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted By confronting ourselves with fears, we see how we can survive this. Think about the first time you fell in love and the first time that boulder was kicked hard in the heart. Part of the pain during a break-up is that we think will never get over. But as anyone will tell you to go, and you might know yourself by now: you’ll live and creates more resilience. And the development of resistance or determination, in front of you concerns is the purpose of the above exercise. Flame over thresholds Above how negative thoughts can bring you more on a personal level. But as previously appointed this exercise can also be used professionally. It starts with the idea to write a project factors at the start that may impede the successful outcome of the project. What will stop you to achieve certain targets? Write down all the possibilities, yes all. With these possibilities in mind, you can target structures and for these negative influences around plans. Of course you hope it does not happen, but well, you’re prepared. How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted 1 Note it takes some time and thoughts, but the results may also yield a lot. This means that you can sit quietly on a project that you have covered all possible setbacks. And tranquility in the head has actually only advantages. We need to be comfortable with negative visualization. Personally helps with appreciation. Professionally with overcoming barriers.

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Everyone can identify themselves with this. There are probably things happened in your past that can influence your behavior. These can be small things or for some persons bigger things which makes a wrong first impression of greater concerns, such as the need to close your own business. Linger in negative experiences is painful and if we linger, it is damn hard to pull yourself in the positive mood or to approach life positively in it. It is therefore important to left it behind you. Maybe the following tactics will help for you, for me it does!
Learn from your past, do not drown in it.
Of course you can learn from the past, it can also be very painful. If it does; take some time to reflect the experience and how it can help you in the future and ask yourself the following questions: – What could actually happen? Answer this honestly. Yes, the answers will be confronting. – Which emotions do I feel about it, and when? Perhaps write it off. – How can I use this to make myself stronger? Answered, on a roll, repair and lose yourself from negative thoughts, never run over the positive things that can and will happen! Express your feelings Do not hesitate to know what you feel. Sometimes it’s quite a thing, but we can go bad. Complain against a friend or against the person who has hurt you (or those who have hurt you) – express your feelings can help organize your thoughts. Share your thoughts with someone who listens and finds sympathy . In addition, bottling up feelings can lead to anxiety, depression, headaches and higher blood pressure. You don’t want that. Sacrifice Delicious, move yourself in the role of victim, easy to blame others. This tiny problem will not help you further. Often it is synonymous for pointing to complain. Actually you throw yourself voluntarily in a negative vibe. Focus on the present The easiest way to let go of the past, is to focus yourself on the present. This is done to keep you busy with yourself and enjoy contemporary times. Do new things, eat with friends, make new friends! This works better than lying in a fetal position in your shower. Focus on the present, you have to be aware especially by what you think and feel, looking for new experiences, and acceptance of negative feelings and situations like it are small parts of your life. Which are namely often. Identify the people around you Which people around you are often negative and have a bad effect on your mood? Which people do you associate with the past where you and yourself are trying to distance of? Maybe it’s a good idea to create some distance with those people and spend time with people which brings you positivity upward. Forgive others and yourself Yes, sometimes it is fucking difficult to forgive someone, but it’s the only way to advance and grow emotionally. Embrace the past while you go, make new appointments with yourself, do not sleep in anger, and be kind and generous. Did you find this a little below the knee, then forgive yourself. Instead of beating yourself constantly on your head, focus on the lessons you’ve learned. If you wear anger, you can not continue. Create new memories This is actually the result of what you do above: to forgive yourself or others, meet new people, do new things and and surround yourself with positive energies. Making new, positive thoughts will ensure that those negative are always pushed farther away. This is how you let your negative past behind

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I did a lot of high-school studies by myself out of interest. But 3 of the most practical and interesting books I read in are those about body-language and psychology. Not to see if people are lying or meaning the No if they are telling the Yes. A lot of entrepreneurs and high-police-officers using this daily, it can make your life easy! A small example about body language; “if someone watches his or her watch during a conversation, it could mean that they have another appointment are that they have to buy a new parking-ticket.” So what you can do is ask the person in question if they have time; most time they are stressing and don’t want to quit the conversation, mostly, people will not disappoint friends or people so they give time or a yes even if they won’t or can’t. But you’ll bite the bullet and the loyal person is you, they will really appreciate that! It’s easy to see the signs and I see it around me, but I don’t use it personal, and it’s very difficult to. “People are not made to lie but everyone does, so they will show unlike behavior and it gives you changes to put them on the table!” But before you can use it, you have to screen people very good, even you can verify where they are looking with the eyes – above right – down right etc – to see where the eyes are going if they imagine something or digging in the brain. So you’ll see if someone is telling ‘real;ly’ old stories or actually telling blabla to impress. But anyway, be carefull and that’s also the reason I don’t like to use it, you have to screen and know the person very well and you can judge people to soon. How better your knowledge how easier it is to use it and the quicker you’ll see lie’s, or more important, ‘the more you can trust on what you see.’ Cool that I gave you some tips or new interesting about body-language, but we’re not a psychological website or blog. So let’s stay on track and formulate it in relationships! To make it clear, people can’t and won’t lie to you, that’s why you can read it the most times, you’ll see what I mean at the 5 point I make below here. There is a lot more to know about it and you should be careful with judgement and actresses! If you will control it and use it secure, you shall read books and learn more about it.
See if she’s lying about cheating
1. She’s suddenly behaves differently Lie detectors look for deviations from the norm, such as an increased heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. “When you inspect your loved one, you can also go looking for changes from its normal behavior,” “For example, if you ask where it was Friday night and she suddenly begins to scratch her nose, faster breathing or clearing her throat, then there might be something wrong,” 2. She looks too intently if she answers your questions Everyone thinks that avoiding a glance suggests telling a lie. That’s why lying people sometimes looking convincing straight into your eyes, without blinking, if they answer your question. They also want to check whether you believe them or not. 3. They answer your question with a question You: “Are you cheating?”. She: “Am I cheating?… . ‘Answer a question with a question or the same question gives you extra time to think about the true about the answer. 4. She turns the tables Women are good at this. “When people are guilty of something, they tend to shift the accusations on another,” She can say for example that you bring your previous relationships in your new relationships, you’re paranoid, or that you are probably the one who is cheating. “When they feel pressure or feel caught herself, she turns only too happy the roles,” 5. She changes his story “The truth is always clear and easy to remember. Lies on the other hand can change rapidly.” “If you notice changes in her story, it could mean something. Moreover, people who lie tend to stop extra (unnecessary) details in the story to make it more credible.” Finally The last point I like to pull out, lies are mostly always coming out, it owns up. Always tell the true, even if it’s hard or with consequences. The true has always a longer and better outcome. Because I know this, I can’t lie or I’m probably scared of doing it. I get more trust from people and always know that everything I said is believed. So if you like to have a stress-less life and live longer.. you know what to do! Thanks for reading and good-luck and be careful with implementing, I hope I made you a more honest person!:)

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The ideal time to develop yourself is, of course, in your twenties. When you are filled with positive energy, have time to DO, to learn from mistakes and can make a lot of experiences. If you do it well for your thirtieth you should build a good basis to make strides in the future. The following things must certainly been mastered if you’re successful. 1. Financial literacy Fairly obvious, but around our thirtieth we need to know how to deal with Money and what valuable investments are. 2. Know how to fail Failure in life is inevitable. But actually you fail only if you have nothing of rears. Around your thirty years you should be able to accelerate the failure process. The faster you fail, the sooner you know where it is, the faster you learn, the sooner you can adjust the strategy, the faster you build a successful outcome. Don’t succeed is not something to be ashamed for. 3. Run your own business By taking leadership of a company you experience how it is to have authority and responsibility for others. Then you taste what it’s like to make tough decisions. It will create more sympathy for the managers you’ve had yourself, because you will experience what it takes to run a successful company. 4. Doubt the authority We do this since our puberty. Don’t listen to parents, teachers and managers. It is part of the development of our identity. And questioning everything, interested in more and not just accept everything, are important features that need to be optimized as young adults. If you think something is wrong or that it could be better off than this.It’s the way to grow. 5. You are persevering This is in line with knowing how to fail. You knows that you shouldn’t give up on any fight. Instead of drowning in misery, we regroup ourselves, and we see opportunities in the mistakes that we made. Note that trying too hard is not correct. You should also know when to let go something. If you haven’t the solution to a problem you have, then broadened your horizons, ask for help, looking on. No solution, let it rest. 6. You want to improve yourself Around the 30 you’ve probably found your identity. You know who you are. You know what people do n’t like at you and what you don’t like to others. You should definitely accept yourself and be yourself, but if this prevented progression in your personal or professional life, is it perhaps time to adjust something and undergo behavioral change. You have to keep working on yourself and want to improve yourself. 7. You base decisions on sources and calculations You do not just have to throw yourself to the wolves. For an important decision you have devised other options and have made efforts to consider other options. They search result that gives the most satisfaction, where investments are kept to a minimum. 8. Apply your knowledge You can be as talented but if you don;t apply an informed effort you are nowhere. You can read various organizations and know how to apply your knowledge in different situations or environments. And sometimes you have before your own way of working.

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Ready to improve the quality of your life? Here are 4 tips in a row at a glance you can do this weekend, and you can have provide for the rest of the year (or perhaps, for your life). 1. Write down the things you are grateful for Often we are in the hustle and bustle of everyday for things we don’t have. Retrieving the next customer, moving to a larger home, your next vacation, your next relationship, promotion. Be a day thankful for everything that’s in your life. The people around you. The water from the tap. The brains that you can think of, the heart that you can feel. And above all: be thankful even for yourself. For all the choices you have made and have created. If you write a grateful letter for yourself, what would it be in? 2. Create space And we mean that literally. Throw shit off. See if it succeeds to make more space as much as possible in your home. Anything you have not used for a year, you won;’t need it anymore. Throw it away. Old maps, old books, old clothes. Donate it to others or sell it, just don’t keep it longer. You will notice how tidy you feel. Junk in your house wants to symbolize junk in our minds. Let’s start with the easiest reset … 3. Do something you’re proud of in ten years Which decision can make you proud over ten years? You register by the Chamber of Commerce? Quit smoking? Your silent love to ask courtship? Booking a ticket to the other side of the world? Follow that program? Do it today! Probably the first idea that comes to mind immediately is most times the best idea. It is not for nothing ‘first’. Just do it! 4. Declare your love Call someone today and tell how much you love that person. That he or she is important to you. Write a card, send an SMS, but make sure the other person knows it! Too often we assume that others understand it and therefore we don’t say it. Too bad! Therefore: report today with as many people you care about. The nice thing is; if it does not work this weekend, it works as well on another day. What is your main eye-opener in this blog? Let us know below! Thank you, Giordano.

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Retaining control over these things can make your life a lot easier. Spend money Shopping brings a flood of dopamine in the brains. Unfortunately, this feeling disappears soon after you purchase, says Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at the Emory University. Keep it under control by focusing on new experiences instead of new items you preserve the dopamine effect longer. You can also divide your pulse: research shows that fewer people spending large sums of money on others were happier than those who are spending a lot on themselves. Confrontations It’s hard to stay focused when you are angry, says psychologist Sarah Fischer of the University of Georgia. If you feel that you lose control, keep in mind that the insult that you want to throw will only cause more damage. Keep it under control, ‘Practice’ confrontations when you know there is going to come. Make yourself angry, Fischer recommends. “When your brain is overloaded with emotions, you can revert to the practice session.” Give yourself to calm down after this rehearsal directly, so that it goes easy when you really confront. Overeat Anger, stress and sadness can work much food in your hands, says Janet Polivy, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Thanks comfort food makes you feel any better, but this often quickly turns into stress and guilt. Keep it under control: Do you feel bad? Stay (far) away from food. “Try to do something you enjoy, so you quickly feel more cheerful. Eat at fixed times so you’re not tempted to tune your eating habits on your mood. Celebrate “The phrase” I can really relax when I drink “I often hear back in practice,” says psychologist Fischer. Alcohol can be a way to fill a void or at least as though you care to mention. Keep it under control: Wait 20 minutes between each alcoholic beverage at a party. Ask yourself why you tend to drink a lot. Are you angry or upset? Go do something else. If you don’t use alcohol as a way to feel better.

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We’ve recently gave you 20 tips to be a Casanova on Tinder, read part 1 and part 2 here. For some men is dating unfortunality a endless journey, so isn’t it time to change some things? If you did the right thing on Tinder with the tips we gave, i fucking bet on all my properties that you’ve more matches with hotter women right know. So you’re on track, it’s a start! Outside the luxury and goodlife lifestyle we share, the babes-section became a real niche and interest of all our followers. Please don;t tell me you just love the hot pictures.. there is more than that.. some nerds working their asses of to get some money on a smart way to finally find a hot girl, they normally don’t get. But it’s not about beauty & babes all the time, most-time it’s just about love. So if you want to stay in touch with the cute, funny, smart and pretty girl you’ve met on Tinder or on Saturday night, it’s important to know these 20 things you must avoid on your first-date. One of the biggest ones is you shouldn’t have sex with someone on the first date for a long term relationship.. but that 1. What’s your name again? This doesn’t give the intention you are interested in her, or you just watched and like her boobies? No problem, it’s not your time to date and check out our boobies archive> Boobes Yeah 2. Who were you calling? You just know her dumbass, it’s not your business and she’s definitely not your girlfriend! 3. You look like my ex, do you know that? Don’t, do, never talk about your girlfriends from the past, grrr keap it in mind!! (Unless they ask about it) 4. Like to change our clothes one time? A chick in your t-shirt, sexy! But you in…. you FREAK! 5. Do you want children? Hold on buddy, take your time and remember.. if you play it ‘hard to get’ you’ll be more attractive to her. So don’t discuss themes that give her the impression you’re interested about a future with her:) 6. Did you consciously chose this outfit? No you look perfect everyday… Your intention isn’t bad, never forget to give a compliment, it always works. But bring it wisely, compliment her about a specific part of the clothes or maybe the whole outfit.. but don’t try to be mister-mysterious. 7. Today is the anniversary of my grandfather. It don’t gives her a comfortable feeling.. 8. I recently had a colonoscopy, you’ve had that before? Google it, you’ll find out why this is a no go! 9. Did you knew that i live/lived with my parent(untill …age) Dude grow up! IT’s the opposite of women like to her.. yes they want a man, not a kid:) 10. You look totally different than me! The interpretation will never lead to a good end.. One of the biggest ones is you shouldn’t have sex with someone on the first date for a long term relationship… ok We brought you laughter, but believe me, for some guys these lessons are use-fuller than their whole school career was. Anyway, it gives you a lot of insides and i hope you enjoyed it. Visit us tomorrow (Saturday) for the next 10 lessons to Get her Addicted;) Have a good Friday and weekend!!

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Quitting smoking has never a good timing. But whether you smoke a few cigarettes with colleagues or two packs per day: smoking kills. Not only heavy smoker but also the ‘smoker’ has more risks than he thinks. Until it stops, then your body starts to repair. And that recovery with quitting smoking is faster than you think. Fortunately, because in order to improve your health you want to see your results, and feel of course. You’re only a year away from an as-good-as-new body. After 6 hours: more oxygen capacity. Hours after your last cigarette takes the carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas that prevents oxygen transport in the body – down in your lungs. Your heart also has to work less hard to pump oxygen. 6 weeks: End of the smokers cough. “The recognizable smoker’s cough disappears, voids less congested and fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. Small vibrating hairs grow back into your lungs and make themselves clean again. Your overall energy level increases, “said Sean McGee, medical biologist. 3 months: A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that 75% of smokers with erectile dysfunction are back in the race after three months. Quitting smoking means a better blood flow for each organ. 9 months: Reduced risk of heart attack. In less than one year, your risk of a cardiovascular disease halved compared to a smoker. The risk of these diseases decreases further if you increase your health. 12 months: More money, less problems:) Of course there are financial benefits to smoking cessation. An average packet of cigarettes costs, you’ll know that (and the price will rise continues), so even a pack a week less saves you more than hundreds of dollars. The long term benefits of quitting smoking are enormous: those who quit before their 35th reduce the risk of premature death to the same level as those who has never smoked.

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Decoding a girl’s mind is one of the most complicated tasks in this universe. Especially trying guessing what she wants to hear from you and what will completely piss her off is way beyond a guy’s mental capabilities. And unfortunately no such book as “Understanding Women” has been out yet. So how to figure out this extremely lethal component called the female brain? Take a deep breath guys, I have got a cheat sheet for you which can prevent you from stepping over a conversational land mine and turning your casual conversation into an argument till death. Here are 10 things that you should absolutely never say to a girl or else only you will be responsible for the consequences. “She is hot” Doesn’t matter if you are talking about Megan Fox, your childhood best friend, a Facebook friend or a waitress, you are never meant to say these three words in front of your girlfriend. Even if she casually questions you like, “Do you think she is hot?”, the answer under all circumstances has to be No. “It’s no big deal” Be it about your female friend you are too “close” with, or a minor conflict of opinions between you two, if the matter is bothering her and she is expressing her concern for it then for heaven’s sake do not try shutting her up with “It’s no big deal”. We do not know how you perceive the term “big deal” or how big an issue has to be for it to become a big deal for you, but if we are complaining about something then it is certain that the thing is bothering us and it automatically makes it a big deal for us. The safest thing for you to do over here is hear us out. Even if you cannot provide us with a solution, but at least try acknowledging our concerns, we would be happy with that! “She is a B*tch” You did not use the B word for her but for some other girl. But even if so, it is something you should never say to a girl because it tells her that how much you actually respect women and you do not want to degrade yourself in front of her. Also calling any girl a bitch doesn’t suit any decent man’s personality either. “You used to look better back then” Even if her face has got wrinkles and her skin has started showing blemishes, she wants to hear that she looks as beautiful as before. Physical beauty is bound to fade away one day but it is downright rude to tell a woman that she doesn’t look as good as she used to. Even if you feel that way, keep your feelings to yourself! “You look awful in that” And you have won the title of being the douchiest person ever! Honesty is great, yes we know that. And we appreciate when you take interest in our wardrobe or in the way we dress up. But there is a certain way of expressing yourself and using words like “awful”, “ugly” or “hideous” can just land you in a big-big trouble. However you can speak up your mind in a rather subtle manner like “That outfit doesn’t look very good” or “that dress isn’t that amazing.” “My ex-girlfriend..” Being open and clear about one’s past relationships is a healthy way of handling a relationship but exes should never be mentioned in a conversation unless you two are willing talking about it. Avoid saying anything like “My ex used to do it this way” The “it” is totally irrelevant over here and it could be any damn thing but what’s important to know is that stay away from bringing up anything related to former partner(s). “You are crazy” Do not say that ever on a girl’s face. Even if she happens to be really crazy then it just gives you all the more reasons to not say that to her or only you are going to regret things later. Dare you utter these three words and you will see what’s really crazy!

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Research shows that being happy can also fight infections, can enhance memory, can reduce pain and can help prevent the disease cardiovascular. The side effects? Muscle pain from laughter and a happier life. 1. Eat more happy meals 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life What is good for your heart can also be beneficial for your mind. According to a study published in the journal Nature were people who followed a Mediterranean diet for ten days, more satisfied than participants in the control group. The magnesium in nuts (for even-tempered) and the omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish cared for less stress.
  2. Do not dwell on money 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life There is nothing wrong with striving for a higher salary so long as you don’t think more wages means more satisfaction. Dr. Richard Easterlin, an economics professor at the University of Southern California, found that people who earn more, quickly get used to it and then don’t be satisfied anymore. You can instead of asking a higher salary, better ask for something that gives another deeper level of satisfaction: for example the ability to work at home. People who can prove flexible working according to a study by Stanford to are happier than their colleagues who are locked up in the office.
  3. Visit an old friend 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Invest time in restoring an old friendship. A study in the journal Emotion shows that people who deployed a number of different activities to be happier, reported that they had benefited the most from their efforts to pick up an old friendship again. Dr. Acacia Parks, author of the study, says that it works great against negative feelings of depression.
  4. Stand still but keep moving 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life You’ve probably heard of the runner’s high. Well, you can get on the exercise bike. According to a study by Stanford; people after 15 minutes at 50 minutes performance, report an improvement in their mood by 19%.
  5. Don’t be a slave to the clock 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Only care about the real deadlines at work. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that employees who always connect arbitrary time limits on their duties, are less fortunate than people who don’t (“I work on this project until I’m totally satisfied with it”). If you’re guided by the clock, it can be the expense of your creativity and your ability to enjoy the good things in life, said Dr. Anne Laure Sellier, the author of the study.
  6. Show your gratitude 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life It’s easier to adjust your outlook on life if you have the right tools. In this case that means: pen and paper. According to a study in the journal Emotion people who wrote a letter of thanks every week turned to feel better and happier than those who simply made a list of their recent activities.
  7. See the light 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Do you feel yourself miserable in the morning ? People are often grumpy when their sleep cycle is disturbed, says dr. Mariana Figueira, director of the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The best way to reset it is to look for the light in the morning.
  8. Appreciate the small things 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Try this experiment once: try to look at the small things the next time you step out the door, sounds and smells are heading your way. (And yes, either that woman who comes along is a fine view). Short-term positive emotions let you look more pleasant at the world and eventually lead to a lasting feeling of happiness, says Parks.
  9. Dance 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Nice moves can influence your mood positively, according to British researchers. People who danced five minutes, felt happier than before. The combination of music and exercise may stimulate the production of endorphins, says the author of the study, Dr. Liat Levita.
  10. Healthy candy 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Fruit can take you out of your dip. British research shows that people who went out ten days, every day with bananas, apples and mandarins, are 32% less prone to anxiety than a group that held it in chocolate. The explanation may be that these fruits are rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that is reputed to your temper its revamp.
  11. Make a mental selfie 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Imagine that you achieve important life goals. Does it feel nice? Write it down. This technique is known as the ‘pull everything out of yourself exercise “, said Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of Psychology at UC Riverside. ; You will be inspired by whatever you do to address it with more energy, and so you will feel more optimisms doing it. ”
12. Let it blow 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life If your 9 to 5 work routine oppresses you, then escape from the prison. Surround yourself with nature, because this is beneficial, said Dr. Elizabeth Nisbet, a psychologist at the Trent University in Ontario. People often underestimate how much your mental revamp with a walk in the fresh air. If this is really impossible, then bring nature inside, people who have plants in their office are positive about their work environment, saying British researchers.
  13. Step out of that traffic jam 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life For some of us the commute is really a too big task. Researchers in Canada found that people who have to drive over an hour to and from work are less satisfied with their lives than people who commute shorter. The stress that you incur in traffic can undermine happiness, says dr. Margo Hilbrecht, author of the study. Therefore, try to move or change jobs. Failing that, it’s best to find an alternative route to your GPS. If you are so you can avoid traffic jams, which can make your commute more pleasant, even though you have might get out of bed earlier said Hilbrecht.
  14. Give your money away 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Generous makes you happy, if you feel involved in the organization or the person to whom you give money, according to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. According to this study; it gives more satisfaction if you know how and where your donation is spent than when you give money to any organization.
  15. Breath in 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Use your breathing to control your mood. Ten minutes breathing consciously already leads to a decrease in negative thoughts, and that is much more effective than just your thoughts running free, says a study in the Journal of Research in Personality. To be able to divert attention from doom and gloom and instead to focus on the here and now, you have to close your eyes and try to consciously feel each inhalation and exhalation, says the author of the study, Dr. Laura Kiken.
  16. Stop comparing 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Stop to peek at the neighbors. “People who are relatively happy, usually compare themselves with others,” says Lyubomirsky. ; If you worry about that house of your neighbor, or your colleague who earns more, search distraction “See if there’s anything good on TV before getting cranky of jealousy.
  17. Laughter is healthy 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life It doesn’t matter whether you have or not to laugh at something, you should do it! A study by the University of Kansas shows that if people (smile) laughing took a difficult test, they were voted afterwards positive than people who carried out the test with a neutral facial expression. Note: grins for no apparent reason at others the impression that you’re not quite right in the head. Be careful when using this strategy.
  18. End good, all good 20 scientifically based tips for a happier life Of course, you already knew that sex is the ultimate antidepressant. But what is the minimum effective dose? Researchers at the University of Colorado found that people who indicated had at least sex once a week are 44% more likely to occur “very happy” than people who had spent the entire previous year on a bite.