Monday , June 18 2018
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Stromae – quand c’est ?


“Quand c’est” was the last song on the album from Stromae. The music video came online yesterday. It leaves a lot of impression among a lot of people and the Internet filled up quickly with responses of this dark number. “Quand c’est” namely a rather unusual topic for a song: …

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Headhunterz @Spring Awakening 2015

Headhunterz Spring awakening 2015

That’s what happens when you invite a Dutch Man to your party, watch this video from 48 till the end!! The people are going crazy This impression did a lot to me, a feeling I really never had. You stay who you are in life, I’ve been to Defqon.1 for six …

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Moonwalking Bear in South East Asia

Moonwalking Bear IN South East Asia

That’s another way to make your travel video compilation. More like what I should do, easy, crazy, funny, and it delivers nonetheless beautiful views from South East Asia! Hey moonwalking bear ehh.. Justin Woods, that are some vaguely sweet dance moves. Good job dude! Ps Check out that booty at …

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Want To Want Me – Andie Case Car Cover

Andie Case Car Cover

Amazing cover from Andie Case and her friends. I discovered Andie and her friends on Facebook about a half year ago. Driven in the car recording Me and My Broken Heart Her amazing voice and charms, the guitar player in the back and the duo vocal driving. So simple but …

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