Friday , December 14 2018
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Get Addicted on Facebook

24K on Facebook  Damn what a journey, we hit the 24k followers this weekend! Sometimes our page looks like a big fake but the true is, IT ISN’T, we do not have 1 fake follower on this account. When we started with Get Addicted on Facebook it was actually made for …

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Quotes for Succes

Quotes Succes

Ok first of all, these 45 quotes have to ignite your success. They are really motivating, trending and like always; very exclusive. It’s been seven days since you’ve seen our last edition of Motivational Quotes. Do you remember the name Daily Dose of Motivation Those quotes were very random and …

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Quotes for Succes #2

Quotes for Succes, check it out!!

I saw something to be very proud of today, a shimmer of succes! There are people from the USA searching exactly for on Google or entering our url directly. That means that we gave a reason to come back for a second time, without marketing or social media. Thanks …

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