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It isn’t easy to burn athletes fat: your body namely opt rather for all available carbohydrates as an energy source than it appeals to your stored fat. Bring your body into a ketogenic state – when your body stores fat as fuel – is something that some men try to have in control in their lives. But with Get Addicted’s advice and a little help from your bedpartner, your fat burning zone is in fingertips from know. According to recent research published in the journal Obesity, men can force their body into a fat burning mode by simply increasing the oxytocin in the blood. Yes with sex! This hormone is released directly namely after consuming love. Another stroke of luck: researchers from the University of Montreal showed that men burn an average of 100kcal during sex (women only 69). This means that every time you go to bed can save with its 222 calories – if you has the maximum. No wife? No worries! A partner is not essential for fat burning. Let it go Look at a sad movie and let your emotions flow. According to the NY Academy of Sciences, this can raise your oxytocin to 47%. With your clothes on You can also generate by hugging a hormonal peak (with anyone) (preferably with your great love) (if it can, not your mother), according to the University of North Carolina.

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With these apps you keep control over your love handles. 1. 100% ARMY FIT British Climber empty takes you on the same fitness journey as a soldier in training. So you get the stamina and strength of a soldier, without the drill screaming sergeant. (Free for iOS and Android) 2. NUTRINO Tell the app your goals and food preferences, and it makes a realistic diet plan for you. It’s like having your own nutritionist – but one that does not charge 60 euros per hour. (Free for iOS and Android) 3. LOSEIT This app keeps your weight, training, feeding schedule, blood pressure and sleep patterns by. You can also share your schedules with other users, so you can stabbing each other in the arm. (Free for iOS, Android and Kindle) 4. FITOCRACY Burn fat is much easier when you can share the knowledge of half a million other users. This app keeps track of your progress, ask advice from others and even challenging. (Free for Android and iOS)

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Train outside! Especially in the winter, you actually should do outdoor sports, like running and cardio variety at low temperatures, it makes you fitter, stronger and more relaxed. Dress yourself warmly and get away from the home-heating, because endurance training at winter temperatures creates all sorts of ways to improve performance. Below is a high detailed overview of how you can set up your training and how to pay attention so you don’t be swayed by the cold. 1. The freeze will save your heart 4 reasons to train outside in the winter To endurance training in the cold your body uses less energy for heat regulation, because the more you exercise, the more heat your body produces. At low temperatures, it works as a heating system that protects the body hypothermia. If it is hot outside, your body should look to get rid of excess heat by increasing the heart rate. In cold weather, your heart pumping for the same work less hard and therefore decreases cardiac workload. Training Interval training is best. The constant change of pace and intensity brings your blood circulation well underway, and in cold weather you get it all done with a lower heart rate (10 to 15 beats per minute less). Keep this rhythm: 10 minutes catching up, 30 seconds sprinting, jogging 90 seconds. 40 Seconds sprinting and jogging 90 seconds. Watch out when its freezing Pay attention to the warning of your body. If it can not handle the cold, it switches to emergency mode: you shiver and thus produces heat. The consequences of these involuntary muscle contractions is that your glucose supply is used up to five times faster than normal and that you are exhausted earlier. That means you have to stop when you start shivering from the cold to warm you up.
  2. The cold makes you faster 4 reasons to train outside in the winter A study of the University of Massachusetts in Boston shows that endurance athletes perform better when it’s cold. The researchers compared the marathon results from seven cities and discovered that the fastest times were run at temperatures between 1 and 10 ° C. At higher temperatures, the times have been worse. According to researchers, the optimal temperature was 5 ° C. That is because higher outdoor temperatures not only burden the blood circulation, but also ensure that the muscles get less oxygen. The cause: if you sport at high temperatures, there will be a redistribution of the blood instead where there is more blood flow through the skin, and less by the toiling muscles. And that means that your performance is quite plummet. Training Jogging on snow or sleet makes the foot and calf muscles stronger. You train for both strength and endurance. Important: turn off your front foot and not walk on your heels. Keep your arms slightly away from your body to keep a better balance. Vary the load, focus on various walking exercises, for example, knee lift and with the heels at the buttocks, and build into your training alongside the usual long maturities as short in (20 minutes), with 85 to 90 percent of maximum heart rate (rule of thumb 220 minus age). Watch out when its freezing Extremely cold air removes moisture to the mucous membranes and stimulates the bronchi, causing more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Therefore, at low intensity of breath through the nose in order to make the inhaled air more moist and warm up. Suck on a candy will help, because you automatically have less open your mouth and breathe through your nose.
  3. Low temperatures make you happy 4 reasons to train outside in the winter By endurance training in the cold makes your body releases the happiness hormone serotonin. Depressive moods are contested by four times better than with antidepressants, says a study by the Duke University. Half an hour of cardio workout twice a week, and that for four months, was enough to improve the mood of the subjects in this study. strong>Training Combine at outdoor sports accessories that increase strength and endurance. The more variety, the more fun. 10 minutes run-in, followed by a cycle of squat pull jumps, pushups, lateral moves and dodges. 15 to 25 repetitions per exercise, and three times through the whole cycle. Between cycling comes one minute relax ‘marking time’. 10 minutes run out. Watch out when its freezing Don’t forget to drink. Winter has the danger too little fluid intake because you difficult notice thirsty. You also sweat at lower temperatures, and the dry winter air can also dry you out faster. Therefore is it important to drink every 20 minutes approximately 200 milliliters.
  4. Winter strengthens your immune system. 4 reasons to train outside in the winter American researchers of the Appalachian State University have found that sports in the winter enhances the immune system. The susceptibility to colds was deposited from 1000 subjects in the cold season by the time they spent on endurance. Those who did were better prefent for outdoor cold half as often as those who were hardly move. One explanation is that boosting the temperature differences between the inside and outside of the blood flow, thereby enhance the immune system. Training To ensure that you don’t have to abort after a very short time exercising in the cold, you must always do a good warm-up first. Otherwise you have more riks at muscle problems. So before you go out do a one minute run with your arms, do 20 pull squat jumps, one minute ‘marking time’ and 1 minute rope jumping. Watch out when its freezing Dress so your body temperature rises, but not falling. When you start running, you may first have it cold because you’re going to produce enough heat during your workout. Wear several layers of clothing over another. It is good to wear light or reflective clothes, because it is often dark when you are in the winter sport. Your body loses most heat through your head and your hands. Therefore, wear a hat and light gloves.

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If the man opens her bra with one hand he burns 18 calories, it’s my standard skill and ritual but now about you; 4 January, the work week and our normal life has begun. Now comes the summer and therefore also the beach figure-time closer to us. But in order to get rid of the bacon after the holidays again, you should not run into the expensive gym. With the right sexual positions the kilos jumbled by itself and you still have fun doing it! The Casual Dating Portal C-Date has computes the calories burned for ten minutes activity, lets take a look here. 1. While standing No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 27 calories Men – 48 calories 2. Missionary position No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 13 calories Men – 43 calories 3. Doggy-Style No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 28 calories Men – 45 calories 4. Cowgirl position No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 35 calories Men – 15 calories 5. Spoon No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 25 calories Men – 40 calories 6. On the table No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 28 calories Men – 45 calories 7. 69 No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! Women – 29 calories Men – 34 calories Whit the orgasm there are also between 60 and 100 calories burned No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! With kissing 13 calories No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! With oral the woman burns 17 and the man 20 calories No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! With undressing eachother there getting 8 calories lost No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories! If the man opens her bra with one hand he burns 18 calories! No motivation to train? Do these positions and burn calories!

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The six pack is the definition of being bit, not really but almost all men desire the 6pack above all other forms of definition. Why? It’s good, it feels good and the most women are crazy about it. The disadvantage that conjures them is for many is a challenge. The world is in fact divided into two camps: either you already have a six pack but little muscle mass (you’re skinny). Whether you have a (potential for) muscle, which only has a six pack challenge again. In the latter case you will have to do much for developing this coveted definition. And for that you have to make these sacrifices. Easy with alcohol To cultivate a six-pack, you will be well on to dry; The calorie deficit is crucial. Unfortunately, alcohol and calorie deficiencies are like water and fire. One night out can easily bring hundreds, if not thousands of calories inside. There are 100 examples of that alcohol and abdominal muscles don’t fit together. Not drinking one of the most difficult sacrifices for men with ambition for a six pack. Fortunately, you notice quickly the benefits when you get your alcohol intake moderate or even completely drains. Mindlessly snacking You have probably not even notice how many snacks you eat until you’d keep at it. A handful of chips for the tube, a piece of cake at work, a biscuit with your coffee and maybe some licorice for sweet cravings. All doing fine, but if you want a six pack, these are precisely the things you can avoid. So if you’re’re with your mates and take some goodies, then suddenly discipline your best friend in the room. This is quite tricky in the beginning and you will have to put yourself and your discipline to the max. Time & Schedule For your current starting point to embark a six-pack is time requirement. Losing weight is the most successful (long-term) methode. Crash Diets with sudden shortages in terms of food intake tackle more negatively than positively. Build your intake so calm down and also make time for sports. Point your particular attention to heavy weight training and some short but intense cardio sessions per week; especially interval training provides an excellent and effective outcome. If you do not plan ahead, you will recognize that your workouts and healthy meals are suddenly forced to skip.