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If bungee jumping and wing express is a dull hobby for you, then you can always ride along the edge of a mountain. These crazy guys find this seemingly fun to do. You only have to make one small mistake and you are lying 400 ft below you were, stone dead in a ravine. It should not be crazier!

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How exciting can a web address be? Pretty exciting, the millions are counted down here and there for a domain. After a journey through the database of DN Journal Came the ten most expensive ‘.com’ domains upwards. Bizarre deals which made some smart guys very rich. Note: This list only mentioned the domain names that are traded after 2003. Clothes.com – 4.9 million dollars Zappos Shoe Company has nearly five million dollars coughed for clothes.com. Zappos has been owned by Amazon, but clothes.com still links to Zappos’s apparel section, and not to the main Amazon site. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted
  Toys.com – $ 5 million Toys.com was originally sold for “only” 1.25 million dollars due to the bankruptcy of the former owner. Days later, the site was re-auctioned and bought by Toys “R” Us for $ 5,100,000. Toys.com links to the official website of Toys “R” Us. The-most-expensive-website-domains-ever-sold-Get-Addicted
  Slots.com – 5.5 million dollars A gambling site whose owners cashed more than a million dollars per character. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted Slots
  Z.com – 6.8 million dollars Japanese ISP GMO Internet-Provider bought Z.com from Nissan Motors for 800 million yen, about $ 6.784 million. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted 1
  Diamond.com – $ 7.5 million Odimo.com handed the domain to an online jewelry retailer called Ice.com. It became one of the most expensive domain swaps of the time. The site offers an ‘error’ right know. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted 2
  We.com – $ 8 million Businessman Alf Temme had we.com nine years in succession, but sold it last year for $ 8 million to Wealth Evolution, a Chinese bank. It was one of the better deals of Temme. In 2010 he was namely sued by Microsoft for recording ho0tmail.com and hot5mail.com, which he used to redirect visitors to other websites. The most expensive website domains ever sold - Get Addicted 3
  Porno.com – $ 9 million The story around porno.com is one for the textbooks about the buying and selling domain names. “Domain King” Rick Schwartz bought the web address in 1997 for $ 42,000 by a student, who had scored it for $ 5,000 the week before. In subsequent years, he earned more than $ 10 million without even placing one erotic movie. However, he used the site to redirect visitors to other websites. In February Schwartz sold the site for $ 8,888,888 million to a company in Prague that operates Swingers.com and PornoTv.com. porno dot com Get Addicted
    Porn.com – 9.5 million dollars In 2007 porn.com was sold to MXN Limited. At that time it was the largest domain transaction paid with cash. porn dot com Get Addicted
  Fund.com – $ 10 million This deal did quite a stir, because the domain was purchased with cash (exact dollar 9.99995 million by a company that dipped itself already to fund.com. After the flashy deal, Fund.com got into trouble. Jason Galanis, the man behind the company, therefore, has a special history. If you go to the site right know, there will nothing happening. walter-white-money
  Sex.com – $ 13 million You don’t expect it; sex.com is here the leader with 13 million. The domain entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive domain name ever. Escom LLC, which has gone bankrupt, sold it in 2010 to Clover Holdings Ltd. This is how you get more adventurous and hotter sex

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Many of us are quite optimistic, right? We are keen to find the positive in some rather unpleasant situations. However, optimism and positivity are not only the result of ignoring problems and living in a bubble. We can be positive by a negative visualization of the world. It sounds strange, but pessimism can help keep your head calm. These negative thoughts make you more appreciation in your personal life and successful in your professional goals. The hedonistic glasses Negative visualization is the representation of your life without the conveniences that you currently have. The easiest way to pursue happiness is to want things we already have. We should not take for granted things. Once we are accustomed to our surroundings, we lose appreciation and love for everyday marvels. Try hedonistic glasses once again drop by your example to imagine what your life would be without a job. Or without a sibling. Rate this stuff more at the thought that this would never have in your life? Sounds depressing, isn`t it? Actually, we should be aware that this kind of unpleasant events can happen and we should not fear it to be. How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted 2 Practice makes willpower Meditate on these things is an intellectual exercise and it is possible to do these exercises without affecting our emotions. Try it today or tomorrow. For example, try it during breakfast, on the way to the gym and to work even to imagine what your life would be like this everyday routines were not there. Of course it is not doing to ponder over every action. Choose several times a day, try it, and if moments are special, choose a new one. How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted By confronting ourselves with fears, we see how we can survive this. Think about the first time you fell in love and the first time that boulder was kicked hard in the heart. Part of the pain during a break-up is that we think will never get over. But as anyone will tell you to go, and you might know yourself by now: you’ll live and creates more resilience. And the development of resistance or determination, in front of you concerns is the purpose of the above exercise. Flame over thresholds Above how negative thoughts can bring you more on a personal level. But as previously appointed this exercise can also be used professionally. It starts with the idea to write a project factors at the start that may impede the successful outcome of the project. What will stop you to achieve certain targets? Write down all the possibilities, yes all. With these possibilities in mind, you can target structures and for these negative influences around plans. Of course you hope it does not happen, but well, you’re prepared. How pessimism helps to be happy and successful - Get Addicted 1 Note it takes some time and thoughts, but the results may also yield a lot. This means that you can sit quietly on a project that you have covered all possible setbacks. And tranquility in the head has actually only advantages. We need to be comfortable with negative visualization. Personally helps with appreciation. Professionally with overcoming barriers.

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Everyone can identify themselves with this. There are probably things happened in your past that can influence your behavior. These can be small things or for some persons bigger things which makes a wrong first impression of greater concerns, such as the need to close your own business. Linger in negative experiences is painful and if we linger, it is damn hard to pull yourself in the positive mood or to approach life positively in it. It is therefore important to left it behind you. Maybe the following tactics will help for you, for me it does!
Learn from your past, do not drown in it.
Of course you can learn from the past, it can also be very painful. If it does; take some time to reflect the experience and how it can help you in the future and ask yourself the following questions: – What could actually happen? Answer this honestly. Yes, the answers will be confronting. – Which emotions do I feel about it, and when? Perhaps write it off. – How can I use this to make myself stronger? Answered, on a roll, repair and lose yourself from negative thoughts, never run over the positive things that can and will happen! Express your feelings Do not hesitate to know what you feel. Sometimes it’s quite a thing, but we can go bad. Complain against a friend or against the person who has hurt you (or those who have hurt you) – express your feelings can help organize your thoughts. Share your thoughts with someone who listens and finds sympathy . In addition, bottling up feelings can lead to anxiety, depression, headaches and higher blood pressure. You don’t want that. Sacrifice Delicious, move yourself in the role of victim, easy to blame others. This tiny problem will not help you further. Often it is synonymous for pointing to complain. Actually you throw yourself voluntarily in a negative vibe. Focus on the present The easiest way to let go of the past, is to focus yourself on the present. This is done to keep you busy with yourself and enjoy contemporary times. Do new things, eat with friends, make new friends! This works better than lying in a fetal position in your shower. Focus on the present, you have to be aware especially by what you think and feel, looking for new experiences, and acceptance of negative feelings and situations like it are small parts of your life. Which are namely often. Identify the people around you Which people around you are often negative and have a bad effect on your mood? Which people do you associate with the past where you and yourself are trying to distance of? Maybe it’s a good idea to create some distance with those people and spend time with people which brings you positivity upward. Forgive others and yourself Yes, sometimes it is fucking difficult to forgive someone, but it’s the only way to advance and grow emotionally. Embrace the past while you go, make new appointments with yourself, do not sleep in anger, and be kind and generous. Did you find this a little below the knee, then forgive yourself. Instead of beating yourself constantly on your head, focus on the lessons you’ve learned. If you wear anger, you can not continue. Create new memories This is actually the result of what you do above: to forgive yourself or others, meet new people, do new things and and surround yourself with positive energies. Making new, positive thoughts will ensure that those negative are always pushed farther away. This is how you let your negative past behind

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Our beautiful earth has to offer much beauty. Unfortunately it is not possible for everyone to behold all that natural beauty. Luckily there are people who are prepared to travel the world for us and make drone images where you will be speechless about. Christian Grewe traveled for his film Airtime by 12 countries around the world to make a breathtaking footage from the air. Enjoy at your desk, kitchen table or livingroom with everything Grewe encountered on his 80,000-kilometer adventure. Set in the desert of Dubai, the urban spaces of Hongkong or the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, “AIRTime” is a 4K drone film, which chronicles a mix of travel experiences filmed across 12 countries over 7 months. The film contains several different trips, one around the world, one to South Asia and some short trips around Europe.

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Allow your known for your gentle somewhat sarcastic comments? Here is the proof that you are indeed clever. You know him well, the colleague who always rolls his eyes and is just a little sharper than you. Beware, strong possibility that he runs of the promotion. Recent research, published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, shows that the use of sarcasm in the workplace makes you a creative thinker. Researchers from Harvard and the European business school INSEAD analyzed sarcasm in a laboratory by simulating participants conversations. In the first study, participants had to say something sarcastic or sincere, just listen to what was being sarcastic or sincere, or have a neutral conversation. In a second experiment, participants had to remember a time when they were saying something sarcastic, sincere or neutral. And in the third experiment, they had to give a sarcastic, sincere or neutral reaction to a joke. Then the group was to carry out a creative assignment. This showed that the participants who received the sarcastic command each time, were significantly more creative. Researchers explain this as follows: making a sarcastic remark makes sure you can think abstractly and you better have some literal or figurative meaning of a comment. That includes getting a sarcastic response, but you have to know and trust that person. Otherwise sarcasm can lead to conflicts, because you don’t know well if they believe it or not.

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Doubt for your first or a new tattoo? Time to bite the bullet. Here you have a good reason;) New research from the American Journal of Human Biology shows that taking a tattoo is good for your immune system. Researchers were curious what the physical stress of letting a tattoo does for your body. To test this, they collected saliva of approximately 30 subjects before and after it’s put of a tattoo. They tested the saliva on the number of antibodies and stress hormones. Logically, the researchers saw that was seriously increased the stress on the participants. Also, they saw a decrease of immunoglobulin A, an antibody of the immune system. The striking this: only those who got their first tattoo saw a significant decrease in this matter. For those who already frequently had put let the dust had hardly taken a tattoo, which means that the stress experienced by your body by taking a tattoo ensures that your system is stronger. The more ink you take, the stronger the effect. We must be fair to say that it was a small study (the course was only only 30 people), but it sounds cool anyway: tattoos protect you from the flu. Stitch it in your pocket;)

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Two men who often occupy the minds have beaten thier hands for a bet on high level. Dan Bilzerian and persona non grata Lance Armstrong are partners in crime this week. In fact, in typical style, Dan Bilzerian concluded a bet with an amount of $ 1.2 million. What should he do to win? From his home in L.A till Las Vegas on bike within 48 hours. That equate 278 miles in the pedals. Because Lance has no cycle games anymore he has enough time to coach the eccentric poker player. The bet was concluded with Bill Perkins. The entrepreneur and amateur poker player wants to see if Mr. Bilzerian can cycle the ride without dying. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” hasn’t sat on a bike for eighteen years so can he can use the help of “Big Tex”. It might be smart if Perkins set a mandatory doping test. You never know it with cycling;)

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If there is one thing that should arouse in your dreams it will be achieving financial carelessness. Let’s be realistic, all those things you dream about (women on your yacht, travel far and colossal houses) do not pay themselves. But in these difficult times, which some call ‘the recession’ is generating a decent income about as easy as recovering your nice ex-girlfriend. So when you look at those billionaires it seems logical to think that they have some ‘super power’ or ‘gift’. But no, it are just people. Just like you. They do have some (character) properties which it has allowed to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. You could just have the same features as the wealthy elite has on earth. Take a look at the list below. Learn how to be a billionaire and ask yourself: how big is my difference of those people? 1. You does not shy away when you fail The creation of empire is not without struggle. Research has shown that billionaires not only the one to come up with an idea that others simply do not come. No, they are just the ones who are constantly searching for improvements and optimizations. They dare to take risks and learn from mistakes instead of giving up. 2. You have an diploma Yes, you read that high-profile billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs were school dropouts. They earned ridiculous amounts while their fellow students were learning neat. But when we look at the actual figures, we see that 77% of all billionaires have at least stand a bachelor’s degree to their name. So be cool, stay in school. 3. Your star sign is Aquarius Looked at the statistics showed that the most billionaires have the constellation Aquarius. So if you are born in the month of January / February, then your horoscope probably looks like this: Aquarius: “The chances are that you are buying a yacht. Or an island or something .. ” 4. You are a work-aholic The 9 till 5 workday just feel like a warming-up, then you have this in common with the billionaires. They are constantly working on new ideas and improve them while workers at five drop their stuff and fill their time with their sofa and endlessly staring Netflix. 5. You are constantly trying to improve yourself When your bank account approximately equal to that of Bruce Wayne do not you just settle yourself. Billionaires are constantly improving skills, develop new skills and acquire more knowledge. Reflect yourself what your passions are, think about what you’ve always wanted to do / and do something with it. 6. You have a modest lifestyle Okay, this is certainly not for every billionaire. if you can consider yourself later for the rich of the rich, we recommend that you definitely do not live a sober modest life. But we see that billionaires focus them more on work, rather than the extravagant spending of money. 7. You are curious by nature If there is one thing that all billionaires have in common is their passion / desire to know and want to learn everything constantly. 8. You take risks Whether you are a school drop-out, cancel your job to start your own business or invest in stocks where no one believes in, billions of money without risks is not possible. If you opt for safe choices there is a real chance you earn a steady income, but the millions of billions we dream will not be realized. 9. You are productive in your free time According to some billionaires is the key to wealth very simple: Boredom, this course is to good use. Stupid web page scrolling and Netflix episodes nonstop will not produce billions. Are you the one uses his spare time productive, it is likely that you will be successful. 10. You don’t see money as the motive Of course, we may dream of an extravagant lifestyle, but this should not be the driving force to develop a specific idea / concept and to undertake. This should result from passion. The passion and the urge to actually develop your idea or product and make it successful.

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The biggest and most extravagant hotels and houses you usually find on oil stateless amidst the desert, but in Singapore they either take some of the pie. The “Interlace Building Complex has 1,040 apartments and place for 2,600 people. Spending your days is certainly not a punishment cause this ridiculous awesome stay is also equipped with several swimming pools, parks and roof terraces. If you want a place in this small village you have to count on a big purse because it seems that the cheapest apartment costs you one and a half million. App complex 2 App complex 3 App complex 4 App complex 5 App complex 6 App complex 7 App complex 8

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Snow, rain and wind is what saves the clock at this moment in our cold country. Horrible, we just getting depressed. The best medicine against these winter woes is to go on holiday. Culture in a beautiful city or just relax with a beer in your hand on the beach. It’s all possible, at least if you have time and money. The chance is big you have to be in school or office tomorrow. To ease the pain a little, CNN have put the most beautiful travel photos of 2016 at a glance. Of course, it does not go traveling around on itself, but it’s nice to just feel like you’re on vacation. Enjoy. Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201618 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201617 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201616 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201615 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201614 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201613 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201612 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201611 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 201610 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20169 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20168 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20167 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20166 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20165 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20164 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20163 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20162 Get into the holiday mood with the 18 most beautiful holiday snaps of 20161