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There are nicer ways to work yourself into sweat than bench pressing, and we have no doubt that you understand what we mean. Get Addicted has 15 new workout inspirations for you. Now you just have to find a training partner;) 1. Farmer’s Hold 1.-De-Farmer-s-Hold_img900 Involved muscles: Triceps, broad back muscles (latissimus dorsi), lower back Similar gym move: Deadlift Why this one: If you hold on, you will both benefit from the severity of this position. How you do it: Stand with your back against a wall. Ask if she climbs on you, support her back as she pressed her knees against the wall. then let her gently bend backwards, ensuring that they can support themselves on the ground with her hands. Because the blood flow to her head will make her almost high and you can enjoy your position as a strong man. 2. The GPS 2.-De-GPS_img900 Involved muscles:Stomach, buttocks Similar gym move:Kettlebell Swing Why this one:Because this position locates the G-spot frighteningly easy. How you do it:Put her on a table or kitchen, stand up to her with your face, your arms beaten her lower back. Her hands rest on your shoulders while she sweeps her legs in the air and place it on your shoulders. It takes some agility, but the result is stunning. 3. Up Standing Doggy 3.-Omhoogstaande-doggy_img900 Involved muscles:Buttocks hip flexors, abs Similar gym move:Leg lift Why this one:It looks like yoga but with more fun. How you do it:Begin on the traditional ‘doggy style’ way. Pull your hips back until you kneel, put you back on your heels. She sits on your lap, her feet making contact with your balls. Now cozy crib back and forth until the climax comes. 4. The Controller 4.-De-controller_img900 Involved muscles:Buttocks, hamstrings, forearms Similar gym move:Stability ball leg-curl Why this one:Because you finally acquire skills during gaming for years. How you do it:Lie on your side behind her, pulling her hips toward your crotch. Put her upper leg on your hip, pull it slightly backwards and bump start. Now it’s time to put your gamer skills: caress her breasts and clitoris and kiss her neck for extra bonus points. Gently squeeze her nipples to achieve a high score. 5. The Jellyfish 5.-De-Kwal_img900 Involved muscles:Biceps, hip flexors Similar gym move:Seated row Why this one:Extreme depth and satisfactory ‘closeness’ How you do it:Sit on your knees while she climbs on top of you. Turn your arms around each other for support and work in a smooth motion, as a jellyfish does. Because of the angle, the penetration will be surprisingly deep. And by “proximity” we mean, of course, that she presses her breasts against you. Nice! 6. The shock absorber 6.-De-schokdemper_img900 Involved muscles:Abs, hip flexors Similar gym move:Leg raise Why this one:If the road to her G spot was rather bumpy, this position will helps to find it. How you do it:She lies on her back with her knees close to her chest. Get on your knees in front of her, let her feet resting on your chest and slide inside. Tilt forward, hold her hips and thrust like it’s your last. 7. The USB 7.-De-USB_img900 Involved muscles:Core, hamstrings Similar gym move:Prison squat Why this one:With this position you make a direct connection with her vaginal nerves. Direct results guaranteed. How you do it:The ‘plug in’ is a bit tough, but trust us, it’s worth it. She kneels on all fours, you do the same. Lean forward until you can slip into her (and secretly can look at her). The view is fantastic for you (pure porn!) While they enjoy G-spot stimulation. Win win. 8. The Spiderwoman 8.-De-Spiderwoman_img900 Involved muscles:Lower legs, buttocks Similar gym move:Calf raise Why this one:Because it actually does not fit – how big or small you are endowed. How you do it:She stands with her face toward the wall and let rest one leg on that wall. She placed her hands higher on the wall for support as Spiderman perhaps had done as he had been in this position. You approached her from the side. Lucky spiderman has still a hand free to stimulate her clitoris. 9. The Toblerone 9.-De-Toblerone_img900 Involved muscles:Hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks Similar gym move:Isometric lunge Why this one:Relax, and let her do the hard work while you enjoy the view. How you do it:Lie on your back with one leg bent. Let her sit on your slant, with her back partially towards your face. She grabs your knee fixed, then lowers himself over you. 10. The Y-Wing 10.-The-Y-Wing_img900 Involved muscles:Core, hamstrings Similar gym move:Bridge Why this one:Ask your legs.. How you do it:Lie in bed with your back on the edge, knees bent and legs slightly apart (in a Y-shape). She is on top with her back on your chest, and then slide over you. When she comes up slowly, move it back and forth with your hands. Keep your legs tightened and let her fondle your balls gently. 11. The Sushi Chef 11.-De-Sushi-chef_img900 Involved muscles:Shoulders, abs Similar gym move:Pike crunch Why this one:Fold, hold and roll for ideal stimulation. How you do it:She lies on her back with her legs on the edge of the bed. Stand in front of her, place her ankles on your shoulders and slip inside. Then press gently her ankles toward her ears. If she has her bend limit range, you can find her legs slightly to the left or right roles, to encourage different places. 12. The Crunch Master 12.-De-Crunch-Master_img900 Involved muscles:Biceps, forearms, abs Similar gym move:Crunch Why this one:This is a real core-workout for you and her. How you do it:You stand with their faces toward each other, and then she’s jump on you. She crosses her legs around your waist so you can penetrate. Support her by placing your hands under her hips and buttocks, and allow her to bend back. Let her occasionally come up for a quick kiss, so you stimulate her entire vagina. Find your favorite ‘corner “and get off session in this position 13. The .com 13.-De-.com_img900 Involved muscles:Quadriceps, hamstrings, core Similar gym move:Back squat Why this one:The unrivaled friction creates an unparalleled orgasm. How you do it:She sits on the edge of the bed and lifts her legs vertically in the air toward the ceiling while she holds her ankles. Stand in front of her and place your hands behind her head so she does not roll backwards. Ready to connect. 14. The Easy Rider 14.-De-easy-rider_img900 Involved muscles:Core, quadriceps. Similar gym move:Bosubal squat Why this one:This position is a more intense way to climb it. How you do it:Start in the old ‘missionary position’, you on top. Then she crosses her legs while you bend your body towards the head end. Then place your feet on the outside of hers, while she squeezes her legs together. Punch now. Unconventional? Yes. But with this angle of penetration touch her clitoris, while it feels tighter than ever for you. 15. The Sports Massage 15.-De-sportmassage_img900 Involved muscles:Forearms, wrists Similar gym move:Wrist curl Why this one:Because you have access to a place where you normally do not come easily. How you do it:Begin in the traditional “reverse cowgirl” position. They top, with her back to you. then bend your knees so that they can lean on them. She is then a little forward, so you have access to her perineum (the spot between her vagina and anus). Caress gently here with two wet fingers, so you stimulate her extra. Mischievous mood? Then you can perhaps try anal with her!


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Sleep is an quite important aspect in existence. Less sleep can cause anxiety, irritability and impair memory, which turns in impairing your productivity. But as everyone knows, sometimes it’s difficult to close an eye. Example, the AEX fell 0.1 percent, or if you’d like a pet, but your girlfriend dislikes it; pick up that animal or your girlfriend? Yes, difficult choices;) Sometimes you have to hold back some days for rest, but not during the day but then sleep eight hours. Here are some tips how you have more energy during the day. Daylight Natural light in your face is more pleasant and better than that light coming from your smartphone. Daylight is also important to start the day tasty, it sees to it that the hormone melatonin – the hormone that inhibits make us sleepy. Therefore: try to work near a window and go during the break outside. Natural light helps to counteract fatigue. Breathing Not really something that many people do, but breathing exercises work. Five seconds inhaling through the nose and out the mouth by two seconds. Five times. This stimulates the heart rate. Make some time that you are away from colleagues, hear someone breathing is no fun. Cold water Yes, this is drama, this is crying. Nobody wants to read this. But it works, thirty to sixty seconds under a cold shower stimulates adrenaline, what you nervous as fueling and prepares you for the day. Eat short, little but often If you have a lack of sleep, it is not advisable to work inside killer lunches. Your body has to work less hard when you eat frequently throughout the day, but smaller portions. Less coffee consumption Yes, almond soy milk latte machiatto sounds like music to the ears, but coffee is not really sure that you can pop throughout the day. Caffeine may even cause your concentration slipping. A dose of 50mg to 100mg is ideal to promote alertness. Drink about every four hours and stop in time with coffee. Protein power Protein is actually always the best idea. Muscles need to be fed in order to recover from chest workout. Without jokes, as everyone knows carbohydrates provide you energy peaks, but soon afterwards you also throw carbohydrates back into a deep valley where you never come true and you crave for a power nap. So, get a good supply of protein-rich resources to get through your day. Caffeine nap This is the only technique where a nap is involved. If you really need some sleep, drink a cup of coffee before you go to pieces. Set your alarm 25 minutes later and you will wake up rejuvenated. Caffeine has about 45 minutes to be recorded, so it will strike again after it.

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What happens to your body when we jogging on an empty stomach? For sure you’re going to attack fat stores. A bonus? Maybe, but is that the whole story? Jogging on an empty stomach – early morning – in recent decades has become quite popular. Without the necessary food, and especially without the fuel carbohydrates, your body will look for other energy sources. And then comes naturally out of your fat stores. Upside: a nice walk and lose weight. It might be getting used to, but it pays of. Whether you go for a workout or not eating, the body will burn roughly the same amount of fat. Yet behind this simple fact hidden a dangerous fact. Don’t you eat something before your workout, then not only your fat stores but also the pot with proteins will be touched. And that goes quickly at the expense of muscle mass. Runners who do not want to lose weight per se, but above all want to be better and stronger, better don’t do jogging on an empty stomach. This especially when you do strength training, because muscles have just benefited from protein for muscle building. Which must be present in sufficient quantities.

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100 repetitions. 10 minutes. One up-intensity workout. Ready? There are workouts you can do the whole time. They make you fit. They make you sweat and give your energy level a boost. They test your mentally and physically condition, and they leave you gasping for more. This back squat or bench press challenge of 100 reps doing all of the above. It rejuvenates and shocking your system with the intensity increase as high as possible. Do this when you want to break your progression and you plateau. It’s simple: you load a barbell position and do 100 reps of the squat or press in less than 10 minutes. You have to choose the right weight. If you use two plates, it’s just the warm up. Beginners go for 60 kilos. Once you have mastered these repetitions in less than ten minutes, load your 84 kilos on the rod. If you’ve mastered it, increase the load up to 102 kilos. Some men will trying to erase their body weight. Don’t do that. It has a single sentence. But if you work towards these weights, you will soon see progress. In terms of strategy: aim at 10 repetitions per minute. Put a timer that goes off every 30 seconds. Every time you hear him, you do 5 reps. Do not go too fast. To enter you can do six repetitions every 25 seconds, until you get tired. How fast you go, form is a priority. For the bench, go for a full lock top. Let the bar touch your chest when he is down, but do not let him bouncing on your torso. Keep your hips constantly on the bench. For the squat, let your hips slightly below parallel move to the bottom of the exercise. When you push back up, stand fully erect, hips forward and buttocks taut. Fair warning that this is not intended to be easy. It must be terribly difficult, but that’s what makes for change and makes you better. Good luck!

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Deplete your body is probabably mastered, but also to build it right? This is often the hardest part. Do it wrong, and you can cause yourself permanent damage. Do it right, and you’re back in the gym in no time. Evening Snack Train often late at night? Then, it may be difficult to continue to operate correct fuel inside. Nevertheless, let food be good for you. Researchers from a Dutch University found that eating protein before sleeping activates the amino acid in your body at night and increases protein synthesis accelerates 22%. \ Keep moving Avoid a ‘training hangover the next day to train at low intensity. Research of the University of Glasgow shows that active days of recovery improve the circulation and reduce blood lactate. Both factors are associated with less pain. Alternate between heavy and lighter workouts to support every day of the week gains. Other Job Walks to the refrigerator after each episode House of Cards does not count as active recovery. Put on your swimsuit and head to the pool. Investigation of the International Journal of Sports Medicine shows that athletes who swam to ‘rest’ the day after 14% performed better in the gym. The pressure of the water reduces inflammation of the tissue, allowing you soon will be in the squatrek. Continue Rubbing “Sports massage helps to relax your muscles and reduces the formation of scar tissue,” says PT Danny Fisher. “It reduces stiffness and improves circulation, which quickly restore your muscles.” Ten minutes is enough to reduce inflammation and to ensure that your muscles absorb more oxygen, according to McMaster University. Hot and cold An ice bath is not necessary, it is better to alternate between hot and cold. This is the best way to restore, according to the Journal of Science and Cycling. Stand under a cold shower (about 12 degrees), 1 minute, and turn the temperature than significantly up (about 40 degrees), three minutes long. Repeat four times. The warm water helps to relax your muscles and flush the accumulated lactic acid away. Finish with a cold shower. Use a warm towel. Done.

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The legendary acrobat Sekou Badi from West Africa is a muscular beast that likes to play with gravity. The hanging on trees, stunts executive cabinet of a guy showed his skills at Huntington Beach in California. It’s like Sekou has springs in his legs as he one after another cop flak-blurts out. How long would he have done about it to be able to defy the laws of gravity with his stunts?

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Happy Eater ehh Easter;) No excuses anymore, you have enough time for fitness and working on your body these days. But without the proper nutrition your body can not grow. These three protein shakes are suited for the right muscle growth. In theory it is very simple to build muscles: lift you drowsy and eat more calories than you burn. Unfortunately, the reality is something more complicated and heavier. You have to follow a strict workout routine, and very much (healthy!) Food. The latter is where many men fail, according to Brian St. Pierre, sports dietitian and nutrition coach at Precision Nutrition. ” Many men do not realize how much they need to eat to get into muscle, ” he says. The solution: drink a super protein shake daily – a healthy, lean muscle building meal prepares a fast and quick throw back. ” Adding a super protein shake to your diet is one of the habits we teach men who want to build muscle mass, ” said Brian. The super protein shakes provides milk, protein powder, fruits, vegetables, nuts and ice and therefore contain everything you need to build muscle. And 400 to 700 calories per glass, equivalent to a whole meal. ” The shakes are packed with nutrients to build muscle: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, “” Brian explains. And perhaps more important, super protein shakes are incredibly simple, it takes little time to prepare and be you do not have a kitchen prince. ” All you have to do is put everything in the blender, turn on and wait a few seconds. “” You also have a good understanding of what exactly you get inside. ” Most of the ready-made smoothies and shakes are packed with sugar and contain incomplete proteins, ” said Brian. ” You have these super protein shakes full control over the nutritional values ​​you get in. ” Still not convinced? A super protein shake contains as many nutrients as a classic muscle growth meal with meat, rice, vegetables only prepared this shakes in a lot less time. How to make a super protein shake? Step 1: Pour 350 ml of water or milk in a blender. If you arrive, use whole milk – it contains more calories and protein. Step 2: Add 1 or 2 scoops of protein powder. Animal protein powder contains more of the amino acid leucine compared to vegetable protein powders are made from soy, hemp and rice. So try whey protein powder, casein protein powder or a combination. Choose two scoops if your goal is to build a lot of muscle mass. Step 3: Add 1 or 2 hands to vegetables. There is no easier way to get inside your RDA vegetables. Spinach and kale add almost no flavor to your shake, but provide you with the vitamins and minerals that are essential to remain healthy and are essential for building muscle. Alternate with pumpkin (good combo with vanilla protein powder) and beetroot (goes well with chocolate protein powder). Step 4: Add 1 or 2 hands fruit. Bananas and blueberries are typical fruit to add to shakes and smoothies. Try also apples, cherries, dates, pineapple and mango chunks. Step 5: Finally, add a half to one portion of healthy fat. Walnuts, cashews and almonds make you shake and add calories, and provide you with healthy fats. Use the nutrition table on the packaging to see how many notes you need for one serving. The super protein shakes recipes that you can alternate: Mixed berry protein shake Mixed berry protein shake Ingredients 350 ml of water 1 handful of spinach 220g mixed berries (frozen) 120 grams of yogurt 2 scoops vanilla whey protein 1 teaspoon walnuts 1 teaspoon flaxseed Nutrition 500 calories 57 g protein 54 g carbohydrate 14 g fiber 11 g fat Chocolate Shake Deluxe Chocolate Shake Deluxe Ingredients 350 ml of water 2 scoops chocolate whey protein 200g seedless cherries 1 handful of spinach 1 teaspoon walnuts 1 teaspoon flaxseed 1 teaspoon chocolate powder Nutritional values 530 calories 56 g protein 13 g fat 47 g carbohydrate 9 g fiber Super Combo shake Super Combo shake Ingredients 350 ml of water scoops chocolate whey protein 1 banana 1 handful of spinach 2 tsp peanut butter 1 teaspoon cocoa powder Nutritional values 585 calories 59 g protein 22 g fat 38 g carbohydrates, 8 g fiber

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Low libido? Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction or want to avoid this, it’s important to keep your diet on that suit. Nutrition is an important factor in terms of sex, it is also the fuel that allows us to function. We recently gave you some tips about how to ‘Eat yourself masculine‘ But do you also want to know what you should eat less to function well between the sheets? Read on! 1. Sugar Studies show that after a sugar boost testosterone levels decreased by 25%. If your testosterone decreases, thus decreasing the need for sex. 2. Canned Food Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is used in hard plastic and cans. It can reach this way in small amounts in our food. Men who are regularly exposed to BPA four times more likely to have erectile dysfunction and seven times more likely to have problems with ejaculation. 3. Soybeans A study by Harvard University showed that too much soy can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because estrogen properties of the bean lowers testosterone levels. 4. Salt High sodium intake ensures a contribution of high blood pressure, which can cause erectile dysfunction according to a recent study by Tulane University. Blood is now once necessary in order to get an erection. 5. Trans Fats Trans fat is an unsaturated fat that is more bad for your health than saturated fat. The majority of trans fat in food is created in the factory. Comes naturally trans fat found in dairy products and meat from ruminants, mainly as a VA. These can be the cause of heart and vascular disease. Successful erections are dependent on a functioning heart, so reduce trans fats.

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A higher libido, muscle growth and less female hormones, I’m always looking for that kind of delicacy & healthy products. My whole life I’ve been touched by the sporting environment, it still does. But mostly, after that 1 great weekend or by the cause of Get Addicted, the healthy lifestyle wants therefore sometimes lose out. But never mind, at least, fortunately, I have my Omega-3, Multi-Men and Maca capsules, but I discovered more and of course I share it with you! Grapes for active sperm Eat a few red grapes daily to gve your sperm a boost: the skin contains resveratrol, what makes sperm more active. Chinese researchers found that the equivalent of 500mg – this is in some 5-10gr grape skins – was enough to produce more testosterone and can make swimmers faster eh .. swimming. Tuna for a higher libido Maybe the scent of tuna is not a suitable choice for a first date, but in return it has the best dose of vitamin D. This vitamin can increase your testosterone up to 90%, discovered the Medical University Graz in Austria. This is because the libido killer Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) tie the velcro. A can of tuna contains 100% of your RDA. Avocados to lubricate your pipes Bad cholesterol clogging not only your veins, it can also cause erectile dysfunction and poor blood circulation in your lower regions. Penn State University found than men who ate a lot of monounsaturated fat (found in avocados nuts and vegetable oils) had less bad cholesterol and more testosterone. Avocado’s with slices of smoked salmon on a bagel is your best wingman. Pomegranate for more potential The International Journal of Impotence Research writes that 47% of impotent men saw improvement when they drank a glass of pomegranate juice daily. This is probably because the fruit is packed with antioxidants. Garlic for muscle preservation Garlic contains allicin, a substance that lowers the stress hormone cortisol. “Cortisol competes with testosterone for the same place in your muscle cells,” says nutritionist Alan Gordon. Dump your cortisol, the testosterone can go to work. Moreover, garlic contains allicin when you eat it raw. Honey for a better blood circulation It is called so for a reason ‘honeymoon’. Honey contains the mineral boron, a substance that is associated with a high level of testosterone. Honey also stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, says Gordon. “This causes your arteries can dilate. So blood flows more easily to the places where it belongs. Four teaspoons of honey can increase nitric oxide in the body by half. ” Milk for a slimmer physical The University of Pittsburgh found that obese men have more estrogen in their bodies. Boost your testosterone level with milk: the amino acids in the milk beverage improve the production of the anabolic hormone that build muscle and burn fat. Cabbage to wash away your female hormones The king of vegetables. Cabbage is packed with a compound called indole-3-carbinol, which works against female hormones in your body. Healthy men who eat a daily 500mg of the substance, are halving the estrogen level in their body’s. As a result, the testosterone was working effectively;)

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It isn’t easy to burn athletes fat: your body namely opt rather for all available carbohydrates as an energy source than it appeals to your stored fat. Bring your body into a ketogenic state – when your body stores fat as fuel – is something that some men try to have in control in their lives. But with Get Addicted’s advice and a little help from your bedpartner, your fat burning zone is in fingertips from know. According to recent research published in the journal Obesity, men can force their body into a fat burning mode by simply increasing the oxytocin in the blood. Yes with sex! This hormone is released directly namely after consuming love. Another stroke of luck: researchers from the University of Montreal showed that men burn an average of 100kcal during sex (women only 69). This means that every time you go to bed can save with its 222 calories – if you has the maximum. No wife? No worries! A partner is not essential for fat burning. Let it go Look at a sad movie and let your emotions flow. According to the NY Academy of Sciences, this can raise your oxytocin to 47%. With your clothes on You can also generate by hugging a hormonal peak (with anyone) (preferably with your great love) (if it can, not your mother), according to the University of North Carolina.